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  • What is your greatest fear?

  • My greatest fear is that I'm destined to be a struggling person.

  • Not being smart enough to pull off what I think I want to do in life.

  • Not succeeding in the goals that I had in mind for myself in the future.

  • Being forgotten.

  • Not making an impact.

  • Not leaving a legacy worth remembering.

  • Not doing enough, like, looking back

  • and wishing that I had done a bunch of things --

  • that and dying, like, a slow, tortured death.

  • Losing everything I have -- like, my family, my friends, and stuff like that.

  • My greatest fear is losing what I love -- my family, my activities, my friends.

  • I think I've lived my greatest fear, and that was losing the love of my life.

  • The ability to understand consciousness, Alzheimer's, that kind of thing.

  • The possibility of dementia.

  • I'm scared of when I die.

  • I don't really have a fear of anything in particular.

  • Tigers!

  • Spiders.

  • Indiana Jones.

  • Snakes, tarantulas, and scorpions.

  • I can't do snakes or spiders.

  • Any vicious animal that could attack me.

  • Zombies.

  • Monsters.

  • I'm still afraid of the dark.

  • Venice Beach.

  • Well, I mean, that's a scary place to go.

  • I really don't have any fears. I'm totally unafraid.

  • I could even stand here naked, if necessary.

  • Being out in the middle of the ocean in, like, open water.

  • Drowning, but like a specific drowning,

  • like where I've been thrown into the ocean,

  • and there's like a cinder block tied to my feet,

  • and I can't reach the top.

  • I watch a lot of, like, crime movies and stuff.

  • Probably fire more than anything.

  • Burning alive.

  • God forbid getting a stroke.

  • Making the wrong decision.

  • Not living up to who I know I can be, really.

  • The scariest thing is actually really pushing yourself to try for something you want.

  • Somehow talking myself out of chasing my dreams.

  • Running out of time and not realizing that you're running out of time.

  • I guess it's leaving this world, you know?

  • Elevators, 'cause when you hear something, like, kind of crack, I get nervous.

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What is your greatest fear?

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