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  • Sorry. I just had to take a selfie.

  • Well, that’s what everybody does now.

  • I’m sure many of you probably had the experience of taking a selfie, which is a picture of yourself.

  • But how about taking a selfie with the deceased and maybe making money from that selfie?

  • That’s the new craze (you know)

  • The police in Russia are now investigating an online competition

  • Selfie with the Deceased

  • A group on VK, which is a Russian version of Facebook

  • started the competition and encouraged people to post their selfie with the dead people on the Internet

  • and offered cash prizes for the best shots

  • Organizers of the group said the selfie-taker shouldsmilein the photo

  • because the deceased have gone to a better place

  • Oh my goodness! I think that’s taking the selfie to a sick new level

  • Well, the group’s administrator Alfred Polyakov said

  • they are trying to change the popular attitudes toward death

  • and try to help the family to come to terms with their grief.

  • After you hear this news, would you be interested in joining the competition?

  • You might win $5000 rubles.

  • Well, I wouldn’t.

  • Let’s talk about some vocabulary from the news.

  • a picture of yourself, typically taken with a smartphone or a webcam

  • It is the Word of the Year 2013 from the Oxford Dictionary.

  • There are other cool terms such as wefie.

  • That’s a group picture. Kind of like a selfie but with two or more people.

  • Hairfiethat’s the picture of your hair.

  • that’s a verb - to find out the truth about something or how something happened

  • "investigation" is the noun form of "investigate"

  • you probably have heard of the term CSI.

  • That’s Crime Scene Investigation. It’s a very very popular English episode.

  • a collective noun which means the dead people

  • The wordencouragehas the prefix

  • Encouragemeans to give someone courage or hope.

  • There are other words with the same prefix [em-] or [en-]

  • the way you think/feel/behave

  • One of my favorite quotes is

  • That’s the phrase which means to learn to deal with something unpleasant

  • For example, people need to come to terms with the plane crash or the tragic events.

  • Griefmeans

  • Alright. Everybody. That’s it for today.

  • If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

  • I hope you like my class! See you next time! Bye bye!

Sorry. I just had to take a selfie.

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