B1 Intermediate UK 943 Folder Collection
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It's part porn
Part true detective intro
Just went blind
They have more fun, I've been told
And now I only have a first name
Just call me Zayn, Malik was lame
Now I'm like Sting, Hitler or Bono
I like all types of birds
As long as they're models, this girl is less than both her shoes
These boxing unicorns
Are making uniporn
Hey put some hearts on that girl's boobs
Now let's make dreary faces
Stick the footage in premiere
Make everything look smeared
Put a flower on her labia
Tattoo lyrics on her neck
Now here's some gibberish
Yabba dabba doo
I can do what I want
No more 1D guys
And raging hormones
She's a porcupine
This is a poor song
Pillow F*@%
Is what I do, when she's gone
F### F### F######!
Now I'm cool, I drop F bombs
Why is my face so expressionless?
If I feel great, or I'm in pain
It stays the same, Irreregardless
Blood's pouring from your eyes
You're probably hungry
Please let me make you some beef stew
Hey let's get out of this hell
Cause the sexy acid trip
Is making us feel sick
Let's go home and watch Seinfeld
It's on eight times a week
And it stills holds up
In the bed all day
Watch TV endlessly
Eating crisps with some dips
Watching family guy
Then getting our Friends on
You boxing unicorns
Can put your clothes on
And you can go home
I'm now the Justin guy
This is my end zone
Justin guy
Justin guy
Justin guy
Justin guy
End zone
End zone
End zone
End zone
Very soon
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
woah ha ha ha ha ha
haaa hahahahahahahaha
The key of awesome
Hey! Everybody thanks for watching
The key of awesome #107
And to see all the other Key of Awesomes, click on the link in the description
Don't forget to subscribe!
Or as we say across the pond, subscribe
ha ha ha ha ha
Ugh , cat hospital
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Zayn - PillowTalk PARODY! Key of Awesome #107

943 Folder Collection
Alice Yui published on April 6, 2016
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