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- No man will ever be as sexy as a woman,
with all her curves, and her beautiful hair.
The female is just always gonna be the epitome of sexiness.
- Their bathrooms, as they're described to me,
they sound like country clubs
where they have antechambers, and couches, and settees,
and the scents from the four corners of the globe
just sort of billowing in sort of like a
social gathering atmosphere.
- I'm super jealous that girls can
go to the bathroom with someone all the time.
I think it'd be pretty cool
if on a double date I could just look over to my buddy
and be like, "Yo, dude, come to the bathroom with me."
- In the beginning of a relationship
the woman is not expected to pay for a thing.
- I'm walking down the street with my boys,
ready to go to the club,
and we see this long line, and we can't get through,
and a group of girls just easily walk by,
open up the doors for them, free, nothing.
It's called the penis tax.
- I'm super jealous of the long flowy hair,
how they can flip it, and move it around.
And it's just so luxurious and beautiful and silky.
- Not that guys can't have long hair,
but I tried it once and it didn't work out so well for me.
- When it comes to fashion,
those leggings, those look like the most comfortable
thing in the world.
- Women can like turn almost anything into clothes.
There are things that just look like curtains
that can be women's clothes.
- And I'm just stuck with jeans.
- I'm also very jealous of women
having a bigger section in clothing stores
because that's basically telling men
that you don't have to look as well put together,
you don't have to care that much
about your appearance as women.
No matter what gender you are or what sex you are,
everybody likes sales.
- Women have to deal with a lot of crap.
- This constant pressure to look a certain way.
- A general idea that you don't feel safe walking alone.
- The inequality factor.
- And then also the whole period thing.
- Women aren't allowed to be like,
"Oh, I'm (bleep) bleeding and it hurts."
- They don't get enough credit.
They're tough for having to put up with all
the stuff that they do.
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Things Men Are Secretly Jealous Of About Women

13108 Folder Collection
Pedroli Li published on April 28, 2016    Clément translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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