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I feel like boys can buy one shirt
and one pair of pants that fit,
and then buy multiples of those,
and then just wear that same outfit
every day until they die.
And nobody says anything about it.
Buying underwear is so much easier for guys.
Bras are so complicated.
A guy can throw on a button up, a nice pair of pants, and he's good to go.
And girls are sitting there
staring at their closet.
Do I want a v neck, do I want a scoop neck,
do I want short sleeve, 1/4 sleeve?
- I'm really annoyed that, like, guys can literally eat whatever the hell they want, and it goes nowhere.
- Guys are told to eat more,
like if you're kinda a slender guy
and you wanna get more muscle.
And then let's say it does go somewhere,
it'll just melt off of them.
Their ability to pee wherever and whenever they want.
They get to pee standing up .
They get to pee against the wall.
I feel like so many times
girls are waiting in these long lines,
and guys walk 10 feet away, face a tree,
and just do their thing, and it's all done.
That guys can sort of be more forward.
The guy's the pursuant, and the girl is to like,
"Oh, he's looking at me.
"I wonder if he'll come over and speak to me."
Sort of thing.
And then any woman who makes that advance
comes off as kind of aggressive.
Men get to have sex with whoever, whenever,
and wherever they want.
And it's basically socially acceptable.
Climaxing during sex is so much easier for guys.
It's like when humans were created,
it's like men with their sexuality
were given a tic-tac-toe game to figure out,
and women were given a Rubik's cube.
And it's like clearly one is harder than the other.
It'd be really awesome to think about my future
and not be like, "Childbirth, what it will do
"to my body and my career."
Shaving is a choice for a guy.
Guys can just have these hairy pits, and arms,
and faces, and legs.
They can just be a big ball of hair.
And nobody judges that.
Let me walk around as a hairy ball
and see how many guys I'm gonna get.
I feel bad that men can't express themselves emotionally.
You can't have a good cry.
You can't lean on your bros for support.
They can't explore fashion as much as they want to
'cause they're told that's too girly.
And that they're forced to man up.
I think that's really (bleep).
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Things Men Do That Make Women Secretly Jealous

45032 Folder Collection
Pedroli Li published on June 23, 2016    LAI, YA-HSUAN(Trista) translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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