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Hi, in this grammar journal, I'm gonna give a bunch of examples of inverted word order.
So here we are at Rockwood Park for an ice cream festival.
Look at this!
Never have I seen so many cars come to an ice cream festival. This is crazy!
Rarely do I get the chance to go to an ice cream festival, so I'm really excited.
Not until we pay the entrance fee can we go into the festival.
It is a beautiful day for an ice cream festival.
Not only is it sunny, but it's not too hot.
Not only can you buy ice cream here, but you can get lunch, too!
Had I known the prices would be so expensive, I would've brought cash.
Never have I seen potato chips like this. These are called butterfly fries.
Not until we eat lunch can we have dessert.
Only when the line gets shorter will I stand in it to get ice cream.
Not only can you get ice cream in a cup, but you can also get ice cream sandwiches.
Under no circumstance should you let your child jump in the bouncy house right after eating.
Not only is there food to buy, but you can also go shopping.
There are local artists who will sell their things.
Well, I had a great time at the ice cream festival. I look forward to going next year.
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Grammar Journal: Inverted Word Order

408 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on April 5, 2016
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