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How to Immobilize an Ankle. The ankle is a complex joint, so when an injury occurs, and
you can't get help right away, the first thing to do is keep it from moving – you'll prevent
any more damage to the surrounding nerves and tissue. You will need A towel, blanket,
or pillow Tape, rope, or straps and a sterile bandage, gauze, or soft clean cloth. As soon
as you can, seek medical attention for ankle injuries. Step 1. Help the injured person
lie down on their back. Then, cut away clothing from the injured spot. Don't move them great
distances until you've totally immobilized the ankle. If you must move the injured person
out of the street or another dangerous area, pick them up under their arms, bend your knees,
and drag them, instructing them to keep their weight off the injured ankle. Step 2. Gently
lift the affected leg and place a folded towel, blanket, or pillow beneath the injured ankle
and foot to cushion them. The cushioning should extend past the ankle by at least the length
of the foot. If the area is bleeding, cover it with a sterile bandage or gauze, or any
soft, clean item. Step 3. Starting at mid-shin, pull the cushion up around the lower leg and
use tape, rope, or straps to loosely secure the cushion in two places over the shin. You
should splint the ankle in as natural a position as possible. No matter what, don't try to
straighten the ankle or attempt to pop any dislocated joint back into place. Step 4.
Bend the other end of the cushion so that it is against the sole of the foot, leaving
the toes exposed. Tie it once around mid-foot. Step 5. Check that the cushion isn't tied
too tightly by squeezing a toe and timing how long it takes for its color to return.
If it takes longer than three seconds, remove the ties and redo them more loosely. Step
6. Elevate the ankle above the victim's heart level and continue to monitor their circulation
and comfort until they receive medical attention. Did you know The ankle actually consists of
two joints: the subtalar joint, which allows movement side to side, and the true ankle
joint, which allows movement up and down.
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How to Immobilize an Ankle

393 Folder Collection
周育瑄 published on April 4, 2016
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