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  • People spend a lot of time looking forward to their next meal will be pizza, a burger , a salad.

  • Or a bus?

  • I mean could you eat a bus?

  • A strange question it seems, but let's find out.

  • The point of eating is to provide your body with energy.

  • Food enters through the mouth where it's broken down into smaller pieces by saliva in chewing.

  • It then enters the belly where the movement of the muscles around the stomach gastric juices break it down further.

  • From the stomach, the mixer of the food passes into the small intestine and large intestine.

  • Or useful nutrients and water from your meal are absorbed.

  • The remaining material is waste and becomes a poop.

  • Which exits through your butthole.

  • Enzymes are molecules in our body which help speed up their reactions and chemically break down food.

  • Their present throughout most of the digestive process, but are picky about what they want to break down.

  • For example, in your saliva, the enzyme amylase starts breaking down carbohydrates to maltose, a type of sugar.

  • But in the small intestine, another enzyme called maltese converts the maltose.

  • To glucose, which is then used for energy by the body.

  • However, some people lack the necessary enzymes to break down specific food.

  • Consider the case of lactose intolerance.

  • Where the bodies unable to produce sufficient levels of the enzyme lactase to break down lactose found in foods, like milk, yogurt, and cheese.

  • As a result, they can have problems with digestion, such as abdominal bloating, farting, or nausea.

  • When it comes to eating a bus.

  • We don't have enzymes specifically designed to chemically break down glass, steel or plastic.

  • But that hasn't stopped humans from eating remarkable things.

  • Michelle Latido a French entertainer known asMr. Eat Everythingconsumed among other things.

  • A computer, a pair of skis, 6 chandeliers and an airplane.

  • This task took two years to finish.

  • To do it.

  • He disassembled items and cut them into small pieces which he ate regular meals.

  • He added mineral oil to lubricate the passage of the small pieces.

  • And lots of water to wash them all down.

  • Latido claimed to eat approximately one kilogram of non-food material daily while doing these stunts.

  • From which he amazingly suffered no ill effect to his health.

  • It turns out he had an insatiable desire to eat things like dirt, rubber and metal.

  • A condition known asPICA”.

  • PICA differs from person to person.

  • Some people consume non-food items to satisfy any appetite due to extreme mineral deficiency.

  • Whereas other cases of PICA are related to psychological disorders.

  • PICA can be quite dangerous as severe complications may arise from eating things our bodies weren’t designed to process.

  • So then how did Michelle Latido do it?

  • It said that Latino had an abnormally thick stomach lining which prevented structural damage as the metal passed through his system.

  • In this case he just got lucky that his PICA coincided with the well-suited biological abnormalities.

  • So could you eat a bus?

  • Hypothetically. Maybe.

  • With a rare thick stomach lining.

  • And the bus chopped into tiny pieces over many years.

  • It might be possible. But technically since you don't produce any enzymes for it.

  • And you aren't absorbing any nutrients.

  • You aren't actually eating the bus. Just simply passing it through.

  • And we don't exactly recommend trying to find out if you can.

  • Just don’t.

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People spend a lot of time looking forward to their next meal will be pizza, a burger , a salad.

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Can You Actually Eat A Bus?

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