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Allen Iverson the answer is finally going to
officially retire and the 76ers
whole opener against the Miami Heat I believe it's October
october thirtieth season over 30 now has been the tired you could say
since 2010 a good amount to less are gaining its was the last team me
president up needed a new
yeah not not too many good times with the business he was riding the pine
unfortunately he still probably could have contributed
now personally for me other love to see him returned to a
failing franchise like I don't know the Kings just gave up on
Tyreke Evans I'd like to see him go do it yet Tyreke Evans with the Falcons now
I love to see and %uh the Hornets Falcons I would love to see Allen
Iverson just come back for it
is 38 years old but I mean he's officially officially retiring
greatest moment that you could think up from Allen Iverson
are I don't put me on the spot up
crossing over George to the first week in mind
cross the Jordan stepping over to ron lewis three hits the failing as the way
to leave New
yet though the first to help how much I hate the Lakers
and I hated to run with the time because he is only is and his opinion that
so when he did that great corner as a hunt going on yet in like
there's there's this try lou I mean I love you Matthew assistant somewhere
scene 138
yeah he's with I am ha he might be with
is outside and remember yeah like also thing is
there was this team anyone who ends up with a leg uniform
have a level adjusting for I have a hard time with my fellow throws in Hunan the
um because nick Young nick Young at at
you know the problem for me but you ever had a love for Nick yet only
you did in many he played great idiocy so um
and NDP actually Hughes he was played well
all the time it's like this then tells the story of how nick Young could put up
30 points on like
I don't know 12 18 shooting
zero rebounds 0 assists
0 steel that's a big gangbang clippers to play great with the with simply great
a course he did he was the reason for that one come back against the Grizzlies
in the playoffs is two years ago
it with me gay when he will cost you more losses than wins
but they would have lost I would love to see is plus minus by the way
knowing what you didn't do much we number some time at that particular game
toward Obama
I'm Tom at that particular game we played great ok games he played good in
one game the regulation so
so your numbers suggest me numbers nick Young is playing one gradient acrid
that's what your numbers are at
I'm saying that he's gonna lose your ball games and he's gonna win
that's why would invest in them however the Lakers invested in for what
one point eight million dollars in a one-year yeah and then
if we can't come back like he wants to you have little something is going to be
GE got a more economical because everything to me for I
understanding in going back iverson yeah when you when you have court would you
wanna see him come back
would you ever wanna see you know what maybe he could do it no
something he can really now come on yeah I can ball he came back for a look what
happened man with some in Detroit
was just the codes this is a really didn't play the a it was
but I mean I don't member who it was that coaches in yeah his
you think you played some of it has been a superstar no know he would with a
superstar but I think he could've contributed absolutely
contributed like our this thing when you when you read this
when you're at the level of stardom that I was in was
and then K do it all there was expecting that he probably expected
he's on stage if he does 35-40 percent if it were like
are what the hell were we expect more than what's
reality is that they're we've got some prime Iverson is
I think you were talking yesterday we are up on I wasn't with it so working I
had issues with our kids idolize this guy so as adults
the somewhat our brain were still a kid I think of course I like this with
children somewhere in our brain
and we still want to see that like as kids we get so excited to see this guy
the impossible and you can't do it anymore and we understand it as adults
but somewhere I bring we don't understand me feel
yeah you know we we still we still wanna see if he can do
in a few words how you gonna remember atp I would say
fashion sense I don't members
really yeah he brought the hip-hop culture to the NBA
he wore the hat directly to the side the
he had the corn rose he he brought the sort of hip-hop culture to the NDA and
then that's why David Stern said up now to know
no white beaters down a No suit and tie trend I was
use all the tabs guys he i member I think when I was in college um
the house to house wingspan was bigger than anymore since I ask is he was
17 Brun said he's 5'10 really yeah
yeah there was a fight so he's that sort his that skinny
any took all that punishment he always want the lane and in when he shot
he shot over to go out there were 67 over him no and
it is made it look easy very antsy that's in part what he just did
so I in some ways I mean we had lies guys like Jordan
and I and and you know the Reggie Miller's in the labor than a message on
mandel's fuckin 610 611
you know it was made because he did his guard play with that kinda sad yes
so the complete opposite being a guarded undersized playing at Godzilla's
should either not a sling i've shooting impossible stuff he did not
anyone cuz I was thinking this newsletter sixty
Republic Mercado six foot 165 as like
legend doing these things in the league he goes to the whole just gets beat up
yep give back up it was that that's I always remember that the toddler all the
injuries he had
and how you can use peerless any was good 11-time all-star rookie of the year
ninety-six 2001 NDP 19th in scoring with twenty 4,360
eight points career average points per game want a guess
um 29 26.72 close
6.2 assists per game that was sounding that number
when you thought like a liar is another math he can't get along with Melo in
Denver apparently passed
Anne play 13 years thirty eight-years-old Allen Iverson
amazing man first ballot Hall of Famer no doubt about it
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Allen Iverson 2013 - Retirement!

710 Folder Collection
施心偉 published on April 3, 2016
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