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Subtitles section Play video

  • Begin a new blank project.

  • Give your project a name.

  • Add a blank slide.

  • Import your video.

  • Add a Closed Captions annotation.

  • Double-click the CC object to open the dialog.

  • Begin adding your captions.

  • I've created the text narrative in Textpad,

  • so I can cut and paste them into my project.

  • Enter a single line of text,

  • and click the plus-sign button to add the next line.

  • Repeat until all lines have been added.

  • Don't worry about the start and end times.

  • We will adjust those on the timeline.

  • When you're done entering all your text,

  • click the OK button.

  • You will see blocks in the Closed Captions object on your timeline.

  • Click and drag the 2nd block to its approximate location on the timeline.

  • Click the right border of the first block,

  • and adjust the duration by dragging the border.

  • Click the third block, and move it to its approximate place on the timeline.

  • Adjust the duration of the second block.

  • Repeat this process until all blocks have been moved and adjusted.

  • You can check your work at any time by clicking on the timeline to see the text.

  • You can also play-back the video at any time to double-check the synchronization and making adjustments.

  • When you're done making adjustments,

  • play the entire video and give it a final check.

  • When you export the video,

  • make sure you select the options to create the Closed Captions and SRT file.

  • That's it!

  • Good luck in adding your Closed Captions to your videos,

  • and making them accessible!

Begin a new blank project.

Subtitles and vocabulary

Click the word to look it up Click the word to find further inforamtion about it