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All right you guys, this is Fung Bros in Hong Kong.
Like you've never seen.
What's going on guys? We just landed in Hong Kong.
Now, we've been here several times before. But I feel like in this trip,
it's gonna be something like we've never seen.
Let's go!
Normally, when we come to Hong Kong, we're with our parents
and we're doing traditional things. But today in this video,
we are only showing you the hottest and trendiest spots
that you've never heard about, but you need to see.
First spot up, Mott 32.
All right you guys, so we are at Mott 32
with some of our local friends, Sophia and Kim.
I heard for the cha siu, they imported the pork from Spain.
I heard the har gaus are made out of lobster.
I heard this siu mai have a quail egg in it!
Lift the baskets!
Got the caviar on top, got the quail egg. Decadent.
How do you eat your xiao long bao? That was a rookie move.
This is like their specialty.
This is what they're known for.
Becoming a liquid in my mouth.
That's the Steph Curry of cha siu. Ho sik!
Yo! We're in East Kowloon right now in a district called Kwun Tong.
And guess what? You’ve probably never been here before.
This old industrial cargo unloading area is now being refreshed
to become Hong Kong's hottest arts district.
So we are at the cafe which is named TFVS. It's a really hard name to say.
Mo meng, no name.
I'm sure that's it. Aesthetically we don't usually eat food that looks this good.
Yo, I thought these were those fungus wood ears. No, it's pasta.
I'm in an artistic mood. We gotta go check out the recording studio at the back.
Shout out to airplanes. World of Cathay.
Yo, yo, yo, I say Kwun Tong, that’s a cool city dude. Yeah you’re eating a lot of pretty food.
Let's check it out.
Hey. Michelle, you are from Britain?
And Victoria you're from a little place called San Francisco?
A little place.
What’s your favourite thing that you've seen so far?
For me I like this vinyl record player. It just brings me back to, I don't know.
Your days of being a DJ?
Yeah, exactly!
This is so like old school looking.
Kids' silhouettes don't even look like that anymore.
They're doing this game.
All right everybody.
We're still in Kwun Tong and we're playing pool soccer.
It's pretty self explanatory.
On my left is Team Nai Cha! Milk Tea!
On my right is Team Ning Cha! Lemon Tea!
They cold.
Thanks for setting me up with the alley-oop broski. It's going to be a scratch.
Let’s do this. You know what you need to do. You need to hit in that purple
and then we're gonna hit that 8-ball and it's over.
All right you guys, that about does it for Kwun Tong.
Thank you Michelle and Victoria for joining us, but on to the next spot.
What's going on guys? We're in Causeway Bay which is
basically sort of like the SoHo or Shibuya of Hong Kong and we are
with one of the biggest
taste-makers and influencers in Hong Kong, Kevin Poon.
All right, well, let's go check out the shop.
Yeah, let's come on in.
Yo, this place is dope.
12 years ago, when me and my partner Edison started the company.
We just wanted to curate stuff that was like hard to find and things
that we really liked.
So what do you think makes Hong Kong such a good place for
something like this?
There is no tax in Hong Kong so you can shop tax free.
That's one good thing.
It's a city built for consumers.
Shopping is a sport right here.
So what's the coolest thing you got in the store that you can show us?
Have you seen the Buscemi shoes?
Like tri-colour waves?
Yo, that's crazy.
I have not.
Exotic skins?
We're about to go to your cafe.
Yeah, let's do this. Get a coffee.
We're here at Elephant Grounds Coffee. Salted caramel's pretty bomb.
This was one of the installations that they did.
Shout out Quest Terrarium plus my boy Tim.
The level of execution of this coffee shop is so on another level.
I mean you got living plants on top of you.
It’s pretty elating.
Yo, Kevin thank you so much for showing us your spot.
If you can make it in Hong Kong, you can make it anywhere.
What's going on everybody?
We're on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong and if you know anything about
Fung Bros, you know that we love sneakers.
We got the International Crocs.
The lottos.
Nike wedges for the ladies, you know, give you that extra height
and you can hoop in them too.
We had to venture a little bit off Sneaker Street and we're at Popcorn
General Store. Now this is one of the most hidden streets where they
got that new, new exclusive stuff.
Not just sneakers, but they've got streetwear too.
Just check it out.
Yo son… the Supreme 5’s.
Basically, what we're trying to say is that if you like
street wear, sneakers and sportswear, Hong Kong is one of the best places
in Asia to go.
Yuki, what do you think about this new implementation of gai dan zai?
I think it's really unique.
I really like it to go with bananas, cream and chocolate sauce.
Would you say it's ho sik?
Very ho sik, ho ho sik.
So what are you gonna do the next time you come to Hong Kong?
Eat with me.
So we are at Bo Innovation in Wan Chai Hong Kong,
on the Hong Kong Island side with our friend Michelle.
I heard they call it ‘extreme Chinese’.
Let's do it.
All right, one shot, foam. Cheers.
It disappeared in like three seconds.
How close to pei dan did it taste?
It tasted more like ginger than pei dan.
I ate the foam and it was gone like whoa.
Our chef designed it after ancient drawings of the emperor's cup
and the way you drink this is with two hands, that is Chinese culture,
and you lean back and you look at the heavens when you drink your wine.
I just drank Moutai from an Emperor's cup.
That is pretty Chinese.
Bo Innovation keeping us Asian.
It's more innovation than Apple.
What are those?
This is our fish course, it’s actually Red Mullet.
That's the name of the fish.
And it's been inspired by si jiu, the chinese black beans and peppers.
I'm just going black bean sauce with fish, I'm not doing pepper.
Okay, I'm doing pepper.
I'm going to just do pepper then.
Just doing pepper?
Party in my mouth!
Yo, that's really good.
This is fascinating.
It’s a deconstruction of a very classic cantonese dim sum and snack
Cha Siu Bao.
Sounds scary but let's do it.
To the molecular cha siu baos. Boom!
Just like pop! In your mouth.
It's like a balloon.
What is that?
Cha siu blaowwww!
I'm eating at a three-star Michelin restaurant with Michelle.
Come try it with me.
What's going on everybody we're here at PMQ. This is a brand
new creative space out in the SoHo district of Hong Kong.
Get up.
This place has been re-purposed for cool art.
And there's always something going on, let's check it out.
I'm caught in your web of lies.
Hey is this iPhone or Android?
Sorry, David, I can't hear you. You're breaking up.
David are you ready to make some cotton candy man?
The more you run, the more you have fun, I'm with it.
How much cotton worth?
Oh my God.
Pretty good though. Record breaking.
Cotton candy manufacturing.
Joining us today we have our TV host friend from Taipei. Rima.
Hello I'm Rima from Taipei and I'm excited to be in Hong Kong.
Let's go.
Joining us we have our new-school Hong Kong socialite friend Virginia.
You guys are gonna love this place. They’re doing really cool stuff with Chinese food.
Let’s eat.
Stir fried beef and egg on top of quinoa.
Here we have flower crab on sticky rice. I’m gonna get me a crabby patty.
I like the sticky rice.
And last but not least introducing, truffle xiao long bao.
Wow, a lot of soup in there.
Hey… good huh?
We're refueled, we're refreshed, on to the next spot.
What's going on guys? We're in the SoHo district of Hong Kong
and we're at one of the coolest spots in the entire city, Little Bao.
We're here with Taiwanese representative Rima.
We're here with Aussie representative Cici. Let's go eat.
All right, right here, I got the pork-bellied bao, that's thick.
The drunken clam with mashed potato.
Drunken clam by the drunken master.
Don't hurt him.
I got the beef bao. Those buns are crazy!
Even got eggplant salad.
The balance between
the pickled onion and the fatty pork belly, that's bomb.
I’ve had drunken clams before,
but never with mashed potato. Fits pretty well.
I like it.
I'm not gonna lie, I don't recognize too many names on here,
but I do know ASAP Rocky.
Yo David, we should check out Clockenflap.
We might have to.
We are at Clockenflap, which is Hong Kong's largest music festival.
It's a three-day music event and I never knew Hong Kong even had this.
What's going on? We're here with Dough Boy, a local rapper
and producer that we personally know and have worked with.
Yo, Dough Boy, what's it like to be in the local music scene?
There's a lot more that goes on at Hong Kong besides shopping
and all the food and everything.
Music here is popping.
They got everything in Hong Kong, even ASAP Rocky.
And now presenting the new hit single,
Fung Bros and Dough Boy, Never Like This.
This was such a dope trip, I really never knew that
this side of Hong Kong existed. At first, we weren’t in the know,
but after watching this video, you guys are now in the know.
So if you come and visit Hong Kong, be sure to hashtag #DiscoverHongKong
Hashtag #DiscoverHongKong.
Hashtag #DiscoverHongKong.
Hashtag #DiscoverHongKong.
All right, thank you everybody for watching this epic video
that we shot in Hong Kong.
Next time, we'll see you guys here.
Yo! Thank you so much for watching that video. We had such an incredible time in Hong Kong.
Man, that’s crazy!
Shout out to everyone that was in that vid.
So, if you really enjoyed that video and you loved our Hong Kong moments,
share your ‘I Never Knew’ Hong Kong moments on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
with the hashtag ‘DiscoverHongKong’ so that you can win some really dope prizes.
On top of the DiscoverHongKong hashtag make sure you check out DiscoverHongKong.com.
Trust me, you guys gotta check out Hong Kong.
See you there! Peace.
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4395 Folder Collection
Tim Chen published on April 1, 2016
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