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The Whisper app lets people make anonymous confessions...
We decided to read some aloud.
9 April Fools' Day Pranks Gone Horribly Wrong
I pretended to break up with my girlfriend for April Fools', and she told me that she's been cheating on me anyway.
I played a prank on a guy I liked to try to get him to notice me, but he filed a police report instead.
I tried to prank my friend by breaking off a piece of his soda can tab
but it went wrong and exploded in my face.
I once tried to freak out a guy by pretending to be psychic.
It completely backfired and he was really into it.
My ex tried to prank me last night. It ended with me telling him I still love him.
Now he won't answer me back. FML.
I tried to prank my brother by pouring oil in the shower
but I completely forgot about it and I ended up falling instead.
I wanted to play a prank on my dad so I told him I had a boyfriend.
He just laughed at me.
On April Fools' Day I told everybody I broke my ankle.
A few hours later I actually broke it. #karma
I pranked my boyfriend into thinking I'm pregnant.
He left me.
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9 Confessions Of April Fools’ Pranks Gone Wrong

7598 Folder Collection
Jack Lu published on April 1, 2016    Jack Lu translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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