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Happy New Year 大家新年快樂
and welcome to Yanshui at Lantern Festival 元宵節來鹽水
for beehive firecrackers. 看蜂炮
This is one of the three the world’s most famous folk celebrations. 這是享譽全球三大嘉年華會之一
Legend has it that in the 11th Year of Emperor Guangsyu (1885), 傳說光緒11年(1885)
after 25 years of the outbreak of cholera, 流行25年的霍亂瘟疫
people moved out and the local economy was in recession. 已至人消戶遷、市景蕭條的地步
Businessmen in Yanshui decided to have the procession of 鹽水商紳善信乃決議迎請
Guan Di God for blessing. 關聖帝君神轎出巡遶境祈安保境
From January 13th to 15th when Guan Yu became a god. 由關聖帝君飛昇日的元月13至15日
Three days in a row, 一連3天
fireworks were set off. 所到之處煙火鞭炮齊放
After “cleaning” by sulfur and smog, the whole town 經硫磺硝煙如此的全城「洗禮」之後
was protected. 瘟苗疫毐乃被驅除
Yanshui returned into peace. 鹽水得以安寧
People in Yanshui owed the peace to Guan Di. 而鹽水人則歸功於關帝爺的大顯神威
Afterwards, in order to thank for his blessing 嗣後 為感念神恩
The procession of Guan Di is organized at Lantern Festival each year 遂在每年元宵節舉行關帝爺遶境
by setting off firecrackers. The tradition continues. 沿例燃放煙火鞭炮迎駕助興,一直流傳至今
Beehive firecrackers in Yanshui 鹽水蜂炮
at Lantern Festival 已經都在元宵節
the parades begin on the 14th and 15th. 農曆14和15日遶境
It now has over 200 years of history. 到現在已經有兩百多年的歷史
Around 2000 2000年前後
Yanshui Beehive Fireworks was 鹽水蜂炮已成為
planned by the government as a large event in coordination 政府規劃的大型活動
with historical and tourism activities 並配合歷史和觀光
to restore historical streets. 將古時的街道復原
On June 27, 2008, the event was ranked as the folk type of 2008年6月27日被指定為
Taiwanese Cultural Heritage.” 「台灣文化資產」之民俗類。
Yanshui beehive firecrackers have been known to the world. 鹽水蜂炮已經享譽全球
Many international tourist come for the celebration 可以說是吸引很多國外的觀光客
to watch beehive firecrackers in Tainan. 來臺南鹽水看蜂炮
Yanshui, Tainan, has been known for its fireworks. 臺南鹽水烽炮非常有名
How are the large amount of beehive fireworks prepared? 這麼多的烽炮是怎麼準備的呢?
Let’s take a look. 我們一起去跟著鏡頭去看一看吧!
Setting off “Beehive fireworks” 「蜂炮」也叫「烽炮」
is nicknamed by people in Yanshui 鹽水人呼作「放蜂仔炮
as “setting off bees.” 或簡稱為「放蜂仔」
Our firecrackers, 我們那個蜂炮
When being shot, 他在釋放的時候
make sound like bees. 會有很像蜜蜂的聲音
we call them beehive firecrackers. 叫蜂炮
When you set them off, 後還就是點燃有火花
you see fire, so we change the Chinese character 就演變成現在
to the one with the form of fire. 有火字旁的烽炮
It’s official name should be “cong phang phau” 較正式的稱呼是「蹌蜂炮」
meaning fireworks fly out like bees from the beehive. 意指蜂炮射出如同群蜂出巢一樣
When preparing, 製作時
we use wood stick or angled iron to make the base (beehive) 首先用木條或角鐵做成各種基架(蜂炮巢)
and then layers are constructed with wire mesh according to size. 依大小分成數層 各舖上鐵絲網
Firecrackers are inserted on the wire mesh to 然後再將沖天炮一支支插放在鐵絲網上
form dual, four-directional, six directional, 做成雙向、四向,甚或六向
or even eight directional projection angles. 八向的發射角度
Yanshui Beehive Fireworks are important folk event in Tainan, 鹽水烽炮是臺南的重要民俗活動
a ritual for local people to pray for blessings. 也是民眾祈求平安的一種儀式
For experiencing beehive fireworks event, 參加鹽水蜂炮的裝備
It's advisable to take padded clothing 在材質上盡量以棉質為主
and avoid nylon fabric. 避免塑膠材質
Suggested to wear sneakers, 建議穿平底鞋或運動鞋
two pairs of socks, 建議穿兩雙
and two pairs of pants. 建議穿兩件長褲
Jeans will be a better choice. 選擇硬質較厚的牛仔褲
Make sure the cuffs are closed with rubber bands 外層底下的褲管 可以束上橡皮筋
for preventing any stray rocket entering in. 防止蜂炮鑽進褲管裡
A pairs of cotton gloves with ribbed cuffs, 棉質手套 手腕要有鬆緊帶
a cotton zip jacket, 拉鏈式棉質外套
a full face helmet, 全罩式安全帽
towels wearing inside around the neck 內層用毛巾圍住脖子
and outside around the helmet. 外層在安全帽外部裹棉質的布
Thousands of fireworks are set off in the whole Yanshui Township. 成千上萬的蜂炮籠罩在整個鹽水鎮
Fireworks fly on big streets and small alleys, 蜂炮穿梭在大街小巷
hit people or fly by. 打在民眾身上或經過民眾身邊
People at the site said it’s very exciting. 到過現場的民眾都說非常的刺激
Many friends from Taiwan and other countries visit here. 吸引非常多國內外的朋友來這裡朝聖
This is like no other feeling or no other experience in Taiwan. 這是台灣獨有的感覺 經驗
This is truly one of the exaggerating experiences 這是真的唯一的誇張經驗
that you’re going to find anywhere in the world 全世界找不到
never mind here in Taiwan. 在台灣其他地方也沒有
There’re just the fireworks everywhere you go. 到處都有蜂炮
This is one of the few moments all day 只有短短的時間內
that we haven’t had fireworks. 沒有蜂炮
So coming up here for a few moments 來這裡
they are going to get very loud and 蜂炮很大聲
my heart is really going to ponding. 我的心臟怦怦跳
Welcome the people who haven’t experienced this 歡迎沒有體驗過的人
to join us in Yanshui on Chinese New Year. 可以在農曆年期間來鹽水參加
In addition to Beehive Fireworks, 鹽水除了蜂炮外
Yanshui has historical streets and tourism destinations 還有許多老街與景點
that definitely worth of visiting. 很值得來探訪及體驗
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《HOT Tainan 哈臺南》鹽水蜂炮(CC字幕版)

976 Folder Collection
臺南視野 published on April 1, 2016
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