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Hey, guys!
And welcome back to another episode of "Dear Ryan".
I don't know why I'm moving my eyebrows so much.
You know actually, I don't know if I still do it now but...
I was told when I first started ranting that I moved my eyebrows a lot when I talked.
It was a long time, it was like years ago - maybe 5, 6 years ago
People who saw me were like: "Look at his eyebrows, he moves his eyebrows so much when he talks"
I actually got very self-conscious about that and tried not to move them so much.
But you know what, I'm bringing it back.
I'm gonna start talking like this all the time.
Actually, I can't really bring something back if I never stopped.
Now, it's probably gonna look weird when you watch other videos...
Okay, now I'm just like, purposely moving them...
Where is this going, this is not a Dear Ryan, nobody asked me this.
I'm sorry, it's actually a really good idea but it's just gonna be way too difficult to do.
I mean, I-I don't even mind doing the stop motion part but working with Marley...
It's possible if Marley is in a good mood and he's participating with us and listening to me.
There's no guarantees but I guess we could try it?
Marley: What? Don't look at me. I'm not doing this stupid sh*t
*laughs* What is that supposed to be hard to do or something?
Oh, I'm shaking...
You gotta go, you just gotta go.
You can't go light...
All: Woah, woah woah!
Dude, dude, dude.
Ryan: This doesn't work!
Ryan: It's going towards the wall!
I don't really speak Japanese, but
I do have this wonderful thing called "Google".
Google: Bunshō.
*laughs* What?
Google: Bunshō.
Ryan: *laughs*
That must be what Japanese EDM sounds like...
♬ Bunshō ♬
I got spit on my arm...
Alright that was a joke about RSBC
But if you guys can name what video that is from
M-My mind will be blown.
Anyone in the comments, if you can name what video
that reference came from, my
mind will be blown... *laughs*
I mean, I kinda feel bad reading that one
But he knows that I would NEVER do that.
Marley *groans*
That is a good question.
But the only answer I have for you
is that "Our English language doesn't make any sense."
Because that's not the only one I've wondered about.
For example, "Why is the ceiling called a 'ceiling' if it's already sealed?"
"Why are strawberries called 'strawberries' if they're not berries?"
"Why are most sticks not sticky? And things that are sticky are usually not sticks ?"
"Why are the Kardashians called the "Kar-Dash-ians?"
"If the only one who ever dashed before is Bruce Jenner?"
I mean Caitlyn Gender.
Caitlyn Jenner.
He/She only deserves that title, not Kim Kardashi-porn!
And that's why I should always take my ADHD meds.
I got hyped when I saw this one.
Thank you! For writing this one.
The Matrix is one of my favorite movies of all time.
For younger people who haven't seen it, I know it's an old movie but, please watch it.
It's one of the best movies of our time.
In my opinion.
So I'm going to re-enacting, not just my favorite, but
probably, everyone's favorite scene EVER.
The most infamous scene from the movie.
And it goes a little something like this:
No...please don't...
Not like this...not like this.
And I'll also re-enact the second best scene from that movie.
Although, just as a disclaimer,
For all of the people who REALLY love the movie,
I haven't seen The Matrix in a long time, so if it's a little inaccurate
I'm sorry.
And also, as you know, it does some pretty cool stuff
that I don't know how to do, so
it won't be EXACTLY the same,
but I think we can get it pretty close.
But anyway, here's the second best scene from The Matrix.
From my memory.
*gun clicking*
[slow motion] *bone cracks, yelps*
*phone rings*
Dodge this.
Why did you warn him?
I mean, are we talking about Apple,
Is there whip cream on it?
I don't know but if I had to guess
3.14 seconds?
Marley: *moans in annoyance*
Look, I took a screenshot of this screenshot of this "Dear Ryan"
because I thought this was creative,
I can't do this!
I-I'm done.
I'm done.
I'm done, I'm done!
*song from Chris Brown - Look At Me Now*
Aren't you gonna leave?
They just asked me to kiss your butt.
Marley: Well, let's not rule anything out...
Cameraman: Cut!
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"Let It Go" Rap Song! (Dear Ryan)

15088 Folder Collection
Jack Lu published on September 10, 2016    Couldbedon translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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