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Meet Daniel and Alex.
Both lead a healthy lifestyle
and try to drink only water.
However, there is a small difference between them:
Daniel drinks tap water but Alex likes to drink only mineral water.
Alex is certain that he has been drinking clean and well inspected water.
But what he doesn’t know is that he and Daniel drink the same water.
Daniel gets his water from the tap
while Alex pays 2$ a bottle! Why does Alex choose to pay?
Mineral water manufacturers branded the bottled water as mineral water and
convinced the public that mineral water is healthier, but in most of the world,
tap water is similar to mineral water and even safer. Bottled water, therefore,
is more expensive and is not healthier. But there are few things that Alex does not take into account,
such as: Production of mineral water harms the environment.
Natural springs dry out. Bottles are made of oil-derived substances.
Transportation of bottles and huge waste that pollutes the environment.
So, what do you think Alex should do?
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The story of bottled water and what should surprise you about what bottled water really is.

18302 Folder Collection
alvis.ma published on April 10, 2016    陳美瑩 translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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