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There is something about the way we perceive success that results in one of the greatest tragedies of our time
And that’s the belief that successful people (the ones at the top of their game)
That talent is what punched their ticket…
that destiny is what brought them to the finish line and that's wrong..
It's wrong because it takes the journey, it takes the struggle
the scratching and clawing that it takes to get to the top of the mountain and throws it out the window
it completely mitigates what’s most important
In the real world, the one we are living in
it doesn’t matter who you are, you are never entitled to a result
victory is a product of the fight
And the biggest favor you can ever do for yourself
as you progress through life’s ups and downs, through the good and the bad, through rough times...
is know that you are going through what every successful person, every champion...
every innovator in the history of man kind has gone through.
Struggle is perfection in progress
its a sign…that you are in the midst of what separates the great from average…
it’s a necessary step
And it’s the most important step you will ever take…
because 99 percent of people can not see past it
The world sees struggle/hardship as a time to pack it up...
to walk away, to be intimidated….
But the best….I’m telling you…they look at struggle differently…
Just like you can’t get fit without the blood, sweat, and tears at the gym…
you cant make deals without the hustle…
you cant make things happen if you don’t move forward in the face of adversity…
when the word “no” is staring into your eyes….
That's all part of the process. Winners walk on...
From Lincoln, to Jordan, to Oprah…
we’ve heard the stories...
but so often we are hesitant to implement the work ethic…the winning formula…it doesn’t change
And it never will..
But part of that is not being afraid to fail..
Right, not being scared of rejection
Welcome that, allow each attempt... any small failure that comes your way to stack up
So at the end of day you can stand on them and reach levels of success
that simply were not there a year ago.. two years ago..
We didn’t decide to put a human on the moon and expect it to happen the following Tuesday…
excellence takes time…
achievements take patience…
Learning - re-assessing..
It's a pursuit that must be tenacious
Where getting knocked down isn't a detriment.. it's a blessing..
because its refining our approach...we want that …we need it…
Overshooting your potential will never be a problem...
because if you want it bad enough you will stretch yourself..
you will find a way..
It's aiming low that kills us..
that destroys greatness at its roots...
because we kill it before we even give it a chance to grow
and the safe road, my friend, holds no victories…only regrets
You can ask me 100 times and I will answer the same way every single time…
I will always trade discomfort now for victory later.
It may seem like a lot to ask..it may appear tough
but trust me…the price is much steeper later on...
to sit back and let life go by…
and wish that we turned our opportunity into something real
So your questions…your anxiety….should never revolve around whether or not you’ll be comfortable
because if you want something bad enough…you know that being uncomfortable is an ingredient
Your question should be whether you are giving enough,
whether that person next to you…who wants the same thing you want, by the way
will be able to give the effort that you can….will be able to man up and make the sacrifice that you have
If you want to be the best…your mindset needs to reflect the best..
you need to think differently than ordinary people…
Let others focus on the tip of the iceberg….
you know that excellence lies in everything underneath the surface…
in what cannot be seen…. that's your gold mine.
That's your ticket..
So take mediocrity and make it excellence
Take what’s yours and hold it up for the world to see
Because what hurts now, in the present...
is the very same thing that will transform your life down the road.
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Unbeatable - Motivational Video

7806 Folder Collection
Adam Huang published on March 30, 2016    Hank Weasley translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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