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  • Owen: I think you shirtless, you pantless. Brad: That's weird. Here's the deal, let's

  • just change the name to the Mellow Show. Owen: Make it more mellow.

  • Clay: Hey, sorry about being late. I apologize. Thanks for being here. Good news. New sponsor.

  • All: Alright! Clay: So it's a done deal. It's a Snotsucker.

  • Brad: A what? Clay: It's called the Nosefrida. It's a nasal

  • aspirator. It's a small product that you use to remove mucus and snot from newborns and

  • infants. Owen: Is there like a battery or a motor that

  • does that for you? Clay: No, you suck it. You put this up against

  • the baby's nose and you suck it. Brad: You suck the snot?

  • Owen: You suck the snot. Clay: Yeah, you suck it right like this. You

  • suck the snot right out. It works really great. There's a filter in here that keeps the snot

  • from going in your mouth. It's not a snot eating machine. This is a Snotsucker.

  • Troy: Technically, it's not a Snotsucker. Clay: It says Snotsucker on the box.

  • Troy: No I think it's a great device. It's a genius device. I wish I would have invented

  • it myself but it is not a Snotsucker. Clay: So could this be your video?

  • Troy: It's exactly my video. I want to educate the public that this is not a sucker.

  • Troy: Technically what you do is you create a low pressure zone inside the Nosefrida and

  • then the atmospheric weight pushes the snot into the evacuated chamber due to F equals

  • G, M1, M2 divided by D squared which is the weight of the atmosphere and use F equals

  • MA, you accelerate the snot right into the evacuated chamber. This is fascinating physics!

  • Clay: That's good Troy I mean I think that's interesting.
Owen: It's not good at all.

  • You're gonna lose the young people. Come on, parenting is a young person's game right?

  • Like what really gets the MILK's, the mothers I'd like to know, is hip hop. That's what

  • the kids are into these days. Hip hop and music. So picture this ...

  • Owen: To the N, to the O, to the S, to the E, Friday gonna clear your nasal cavity. I'm

  • a Snotsucker, faster than Chris Tucker. Watch out nose, I'm a bad mother-

  • Owen: Ahh?
Clay: No. No, you can't do that.
Owen: What?
Clay: It's Swedish.
Owen: The Swedes

  • are into things. They're very liberal culture.
Clay: I know, but I don't think they're gonna go

  • for that. It's too raw. I think what they want is something sweeter. This is about a

  • simple connection.
Brad: I got it. Here's what we do. We take Myers, my son, we suck

  • the snot, and then we blow it on a big canvas.
Troy: Kind of Pollock.
Brad: Modern art. Yeah

  • Pollock, and we call it "Snart".
Owen: Ooh.
Brad: Yes.

  • Brad: Looks like you need a little green over there. Ah, that's some good looking snart.

  • Clay: It's got to be possible that in this room, we can come up with one decent idea

  • for a video for this product. It's simple, it's great, it works, doctors love it. It

  • keeps babies happy.
Owen: It works!
Brad: Dude I bet if you did this, you could breathe

  • under water.
Troy: Technically no but.
Owen: You know, I think we should make it an expert

  • little video and have George Mucus direct it.
Brad: Yeah!
Troy: Funny.
Brad: That's

  • snot a good idea.
Owen: He "nose" what he's saying.
Troy: Snot joke. Snot joke.

  • I'm calling Nosefrida.
Owen: I'm gonna give myself hickeys.
Clay: We can't do this.

  • Haha, that's cool.
Owen: Like chipmunk hickeys.
Brad: That's funny. Hey you know what, I am gonna

  • use this dude. Myers needs this man. He's just all snotted up all the time.

  • So you think it's a good product?
Brad: Yeah I do. And I can't get my finger in his

  • little nose, so this will be perfect.
Owen: It does work.
Troy: Let's don't tell Clay.

  • Yeah, let's not tell him.

Owen: I think you shirtless, you pantless. Brad: That's weird. Here's the deal, let's

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Production Meeting: "The Snotsucker" - DadLabs Video

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