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- Today we sniff some tasty oxygen. - Let's talk about that.
♪(theme music)♪
- Good Mythical Morning. - Oxygen. It's all around you.
- Breathe it in. - (both inhale)
But don't get your hopes up because, you know what? It's mostly nitrogen!
It's only 20.95 percent oxygen and about seventy-eight percent nitrogen,
and there's some other gasses that are not really important.
Argon, carbon monoxide, you know, that kind of stuff.
And sometimes 20.95 percent oxygen is just not enough,
and some enterprising people have decided to make oxygen bars,
which are businesses where you go in and sit down on a stool,
- put some tubing in your nose, - (laughs)
and suck in pure, uncut oxygenated oxygen.
- Sounds fun. - They say that there's all
type of benefits to this, including removing toxins,
enhancing well being, reducing stress, strengthening your immune system,
- and even curing cancer. - Mm. They say. Yes,
but you know what they also, instead of just sniffing the oxygen,
said, "Let's make this fun, and let's flavor that oxygen."
That's a thing that exists, and today we're going to find out
if we can tell what flavor oxygen is by sniffing it in our noses.
- It's time to play: - (bubbly sound)
What Flavor Is This Oxygen That We Be Breathin' In
Through Tubes In Our Noses, Friend?
- Here we are at the oxygen bar. - Party time!
It is tended by a bartender. Didn't necessarily come with it.
- Guy looks a lot like Chase. - Hello, bar key. What's your name?
- Hi, I'm Chasé. - (Link) This is very science-y looking.
There's, like, bubbles coming out of bottles that are colored differently.
- Is it safe? - Absolutely.
- You don't know. - It's oxygen.
- He's never done this. - You don't know.
We just put you back there and told you to turn some valves.
- (Link and Chase laugh) - Alright, so,
we should get hooked up here. We've got the oxygen nostril-ators.
- That's the proper name. - I've never put one of these on.
This is like what they do at the hospital.
- Doesn't go over your head, dude. - (laughs)
- See, I've never done it before. - Nostril-ate it.
- Oh. That's kinda nice. - And then put it on the ears.
- Ear it up. - Ooh.
- And then bring 'er down. - And tighten it down?
And then boooop! Right there.
I feel like we're both going into surgery together,
which we should do, by the way. I've been meaning to talk to you
about that. We both need a little--
We should do that together.
My ears are a little tight-ish. Are you saying perform the surgery
or have surgery performed on us in tandem?
We should do it together and hold hands at the same time.
Right, like the one where they make it where you can't make babies?
- Yeah. That one. - Let's talk about that later.
- (crew laughs) - For now, we're just gonna oxygen-ate.
- (blubby sound) - (both) Round one!
- Alright, the tubes are connected, Chasé. - Smells like plastic oxygen right now.
Well, he hasn't opened the vales yet, have you Chasé?
- Nope, I'm about to right now. - (Link) Alright,
you guys know what we're smelling, but we do not.
- Ooh. - Is that it?
- Just breathe. - There you go.
- I don't know how to do this. - (crew laughs)
- You don't know how to breathe? - I don't know how to do it, man.
Just breathe, man. It's subtle. It's refreshing yet subtle.
- It's very subtle. - Is it flowery? It's very pleasant.
- It's got a tangy sweetness to it. - I find doing this helps.
Is that recommended? I have a guess.
- I have my guess too. - Alright. Three. Two. One.
- Orange. - Roses.
- You sayin' orange? - Roses?
- It's called 'The Grove', which is orange. - No, it's citrus-ey.
- (ding sound and buzzer sound) - Aw, man. You nailed it!
It was either lemon, grapefruit, or orange. I went with orange.
- Oh, dude. I'm not off to a good start. - You said roses?
- (crew laughs) - You know what roses smell like, right?
Yeah. Like this! You got the wrong valve open on me?
- (laughs) - (bubbly sound)
- (both) Round two! - What's good here, bartender?
- I recommend two. - (Rhett and crew laugh)
- (Link) Smellin' number two. - I still smell orange.
You gotta clear the pipe of the orange roses smell.
- I'm also starting to feel good. - Are you invigorating?
- I feel smarter. - (crew laughs)
- I feel like I've got a sixth sense. - It kinda builds,
but it starts subtly. Are you getting it yet?
- I gotta do my thing. - Hold on.
I think I just need to get nothing but that in there.
Oh. That doesn't help at all.
- (crew laughs) - Oh, really?
- I'm not getting a scent yet. - I mean, I have a guess.
Are you getting a rea-- I'm not getting a reading at all.
- I'm getting a read, yeah. - I gotta shake my tube or something.
Shake your tube. That'll solve everything.
- Alright. Mm. - Alright. Three. Two. One.
- Blueberry. - Lavender.
The answer was 'uplifting' which is peppermint.
- (buzzer sound) - Peppermint?
- Oh. Hold on a second. - I didn't get any peppermint in that one.
I wanna go ahead and say I've been cheating by looking at the color
of the bubbles, and so I said orange for the first one
- because it was orange. - Aw!
- (both laugh) - Hey!
- (bubbly sound) - (both) Round three!
Alright, Chasé. Fire this one up.
- (Chase) Alrighty. - Mm.
I think I'm gonna give you guys the name of this one without the aroma.
- It's called-- - Okay. We get a hint?
- Oh yeah. - Oh, you think we need some help?
I think you might need it. This one's called 'invigorating'.
- Oh, that is so helpful Chasé. - You're welcome.
- I'm being invig'd. - I don't think that leather would
- be one of them. - Leather is invigorating for you?
- (laughs) Well-- - When worn where?
I'm just saying, leather is the first thing that came
to my mind when I started to analyze this smell.
I think I know it. Mm. What color is it?
- It's clear. - (crew laughs)
- Is mine in right? - No, dude.
- (laughs) - You got one right in--
- Shove it up your nose! - Oh!
- And now breathe through your nose. - Ooooh.
I've got this one. I'm all over this.
Alright guys. In three. Two. One.
- (both) Pine. - Blackberry.
- (buzzer sound) - What?!
- (Rhett and crew laugh) - Blackberry?
- Hold on. - Blackberry's growing under the pine tree!
- (bubbly sound) - (both) Round four!
- Pine, huh? - Fire it up, Chasé.
- (Rhett) Oh. Ooh. - This one is called 'tropical'.
I feel like I could do more right now. We should be doing something productive
instead of sitting here and smelling oxygen.
We could have, like, cords that go on for like fifty yards,
- and we could just-- - I want it all the time.
- What is it? - Oxygen, man.
- What flavor? - Oh.
- You don't even have a clue? - Tropical, huh?
Trop-i-cal. I'm going to the tropics via
- my nose holes. - I think I might know this one
because I'm guessing something that's tropical and then I'm trying to confirm
it with my smell buds and I believe that's happening.
- It's like I'm on vacation right now. - I feel like we should fight right now
or something. Don't you feel like you could, like--
I feel like we could go twelve rounds, bare knuckle.
- I feel like I could bust through a wall. - (laughs) Yes.
Not a physical wall. More like an emotional wall.
- Okay. - (laughs)
- Alright, I'm gonna guess. - Alright, gentlemen.
In three. Two. One.
- Piña Colada. - Coconut.
- Piña Colada. - (buzzer and ding sound)
(laughs) Yes! Yes! Don't you taste the piña colada?
- (bubbly sound) - (both) Round five!
- What's in a piña colada? - (Stevie) It's rum, coconut milk,
and pineapple juice, so, technically you can get a third of a point.
- We'll give you a third of a point. - Okay.
- Alright. Alright. Coconut is a third of a-- - Give the poor guy a third of a point.
What's the ratio of coconut in a piña colada?
- It's ninety percent of a piña colada! - You're gonna loose that battle
- if you go down that road. - Piña colada.
- Alright. Is this one going, Chasé? - You guys are going.
- This one is 'timber'. - Mm.
- Okay, so it's a tree. - We've already guessed pine one time.
It's not as strong as what I thought pine was before.
- No, it's not. - Which was what? What was that?
- Blackberry? - Yep.
Blackberry's pine. This is not pine.
- I'm thinking oak. - Why would they make oak?
- (crew laughs) - I don't know,
- I think you should guess oak. - I mean, why would they make pine?
- (funny voice) "I need to smell some pine." - Timber?
(normal voice) I feel like I can see longer.
- Like I just sa-- - Like a longer duration?
- (laughs) - And for a longer distance.
You're like an owl. You're becoming an owl.
Do you not feel these things? I feel like my eyes got--
- No. I don't even smell anything. - If there was a knob on the back of
each eye. It was like somebody went in and was like, "Bloop! Turn it up!"
- (inhaling) - but my laser vision is not helping
- with my smell-o-vision. - They're all so subtle to me.
But I think that if it was more-- If it was any stronger,
you'd get tired of it, but this way you keep sniffing
- (Link) Yeah, yeah. - and sniffing and sniffing
- until time's up. - Hold on, I feel like I can see longer.
- (laughs) - No. Alright.
- I can, man. - I've got my guess.
- I got a guess, too. - Okay. In three. Two. One.
- Cedar. - Spruce!
- Cedar. - Spruce.
- Cedar. - It's Christmas Tree.
- (buzzer sound) - Spruce!
- That's a Frazier Fur, man. - Oh, look up what percentage of
- Christmas trees are Spruces! - (Stevie) Christmas trees are fur trees,
pine trees, and spruce trees, so, I feel like I should give it to you!
- I get a third of a point. - (ding sound)
- A third of a point. - (bubbly sound)
- (both) Round six! - Release the oxygen!
- (Chase) There you go. Breathe. - Oh.
It's taking me somewhere. You know, scent's tied to memory
- stronger than actually even being there. - I don't think that's exactly how the
saying goes. I think it's, "The strongest scent tied
to memory is smell," but go with that.
- I'm going to a funeral. - (Rhett) You're smelling balming liquid?
Yeah. I feel like I'm at a funeral for my great aunt,
- What? - and I didn't know her that well.
- She only had one leg. - This smells like your great aunt?
Yeah. She only had one leg. Yep. I've got it.
- I need a hint, man. - This one is called 'summertime'.
- Aunt Hazel did not die in the summertime. - (laughs) Okay.
- It was the dead of winter. - I think you followed the smell of
Aunt Hazel down a rabbit hole some summertime.
(singing) Summer, summer, summertime!
- Would you sit back and suck in oxygen? - Okay.
I still am I little bit sidetracked with how I feel and, like,
now I feel like I should write a poem. I feel like I could--
- (normally) Write it. Right now. Write it. - I could just bust it out.
Here we are at the oxygen bar. We're gonna go home together in a car.
If we die before we wake, at least this oxygen we got to taste.
- I mean, I just came up with that. - Wake and taste do not rhyme.
- Yeah they do. - (crew laughs)
Call Eminem. He'll tell ya'. I have an answer.
- I got the answer. - I have the answer.
- I know this. - Alright. In three. Two. One.
- Watermelon. - Honeysuckle.
- Watermelon. - (buzzer and ding sound)
- (laughs) Honeysuckle? - I don't know, man.
- It didn't smell like watermelon. - You need to take it out and twist.
- (laughs) - Do I have the left in the right and
- the right in the left? - I think you got the left and the right
- mixed up. - Dang it!
That's what it is. Yeah. You've been getting it all backwards
- I knew it was something! - because watermelon backwards is
- honeysuckle. - (bubbly sound)
- (both) Round seven! - I've only got a third of a point!
- Better than zero. - When I woke this morning,
- I could only breathe out of one nose. - (Rhett) Oh, here come the excuses.
- (Link) That's my handicap for this, man. - I will take mercy and, you know what?
Let's say from here on out they're worth two points a piece.
- Maybe you can close the gap. - Alright. I'll close your gap.
- I also feel like I can do a lot of math. - Eight times seven.
- Fifty-six. - Seven times six.
- Forty-two. - Nine times eight.
- Seventy-two. - One plus three.
- Four. - Fruit plus fruit.
- Fruit. - Wow, that's good.
I need to go back and take the SAT right now.
- I also need a hint. - I call this one 'serenity'.
I think this is like something you get in a spa.
You know how if you go to some spas, a small woman will walk on your back?
My back is so big. I had two women stand on my back
- one time. - I had a woman on my back one time
and I thought it was two women. It was her knees and her elbows.
Yeah. We should go get a massage. I feel like I could give a great massage
- right now. I would know-- - I don't need one. (laughs)
I have an answer. I think you've already guessed this?
- I don't know. - Yeah. That's what I was thinking.
Alright guys. In three. Two. One.
- Lavender. - Vaporub.
- Lavender. - (ding and buzzer sound)
- (laughs) I can smell better than he can. - You know--
- (laughs) - Man, I guessed that earlier.
- Can I get some points? - You did! I told you that guessed it earlier.
You told me! I thought you were giving me a
- Rhett-herring. - No. I wasn't.
- (bubbly sound) - (both) Round eight!
- I mean, it's okay. I'm a better smeller. - (laughs)
- This one's worth six points. - Oh.
For the win! Ooh. This is by far the strongest one.
Is my mind just now waking up to what my nose has been experiencing
- the whole time? - Well, let me ask you a couple of questions.
- Do you feel like we should fight? - Yes.
- Can you do math? - Yes.
- Can you come up with an impromptu poem? - Yes.
- Can you see longer? - Yes.
'Cause those are all the things that's been happening to me.
- Like, give me some math equations. - Seven point two times eight point three.
- Fifty-six. Seve-- Fifty-nine point one. - (laughs)
You don't know it either. That's right.
- (laughs) - Fifty-nine point one.
This is strong, guys. Whenever I go to the oxygen
party bar, I'm going straight for this one.
- I need a hint. - This one is 'chillin''.
How is chillin' different than serenity?
- Wow. - It's not.
This is a stronger version of serenity. It's like, when you serene really hard.
- You start chillin'. - No. Chillin' is very serene,
- but you're also cool at the same time. - Ooh. Coldness.
Climb on my back. Dig your knees and your elbows in
- 'cause I'm ready to guess. - Okay. In three. Two. One.
- Vanilla. - Menthol.
- Eucalyptus. - (buzzer sound)
- I was about to say eucalyptus! - But you didn't.
I was this close. Menthol and eucalyptus
- have a similar experience. - Okay.
Alright, congratulations, Rhett. You earned it, man!
- I win! - Outright.
And you know what? You win the prize
- ♪(celebratory music)♪ - which is a lifetime supply of oxygen
- Woo! - And nitrogen and everything else
- that's in the air. Suck away, man! - I'm like a super hero!
Breathe in. It's like you can steer your own head.
(makes motorcycle sounds) Thanks for liking, commenting,
- and subscribing. - You know what time it is!
Hi, my name is Elizabeth, and this is Ivy.
We're from McAllen, Texas, and it's time to spin the
- Wheel of Mythicality. - Our friends,
the Gregory Brothers, Songified an episode of Good Mythical Morning.
You can go see that on the extras channel. Link in the description.
- The wheel got lower! - Woah! What happened?!
We got up high! Click through to Good Mythical More.
We're gonna get the crew to taste oxygen-es.
- ♪(celebratory music)♪ - Oh, somebody won something, Link!
- Congratulations to-- - (Rhett) Lillyenrose!
- You get a personalized GMM! - (both) When--
- (computer generated voice) Lillyenrose - (both) eats asparagus--
- (computer generated voice) Lillyenrose - (both) 's pee smells like roses.
[Captioned by Hayleigh: GMM Captioning Team]
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Flavored Oxygen Taste Test

787 Folder Collection
Chaman Singh published on March 29, 2016
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