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Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural medicine. Today I'm going to be training on
the benefits of hemp seeds, and I'll talk about exactly how you want to be using hemp
seeds on a regular basis here at the end of the video. Hemp seeds, the nutritional benefits
are really powerful.
Think about this. Just three tablespoons of some form of hemp seeds, again, there are
a lot of different brands out there, but three tablespoons contains 10 grams of protein and
3,000 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids in your body's ideal ratio. So hemp seeds, in
many cases, can be even healthier than chia seeds or flax seeds, and it's one of nature's
number one super foods. And it's something I've recommended to my patients for years.
And so let's talk about the nutritional profile of the benefits, and then I'll talk about
how exactly I recommend that you start using it.
First, let's talk about the nutritional profile. So I mentioned 10 grams of protein. So think
about that, every morning when you wake up a lot of people today tend to go towards synthetic
processed protein powder for breakfast. Well, if you're making a super foods smoothie in
the morning, again, you can get 10 grams of protein right there which is the equivalent
for a lot of people of about 10 to 20% of your daily value just by doing three tablespoons
of hemp seeds for breakfast.
Also you're getting omega-3 fatty acids, and the unique thing about hemp seeds is they
have a 2:1 ratio, two omega-3s to one omega-6s. A great ratio there. I'm sorry, a 1:2 ratio
which is really the ideal ratio for your body. We know omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation.
And the other powerful thing about hemp seeds is they are packed with fiber. They have almost
no regular carbohydrates or sugar, but are high in fiber so they naturally help cleanse
your colon.
So again, they're amazing for your metabolism because they have the three things you need
to help boost your metabolism to support fat loss. Protein, healthy fats, and fiber. You
get those three things in a meal, it's going to support weight loss. So again, the nutritional
profile is high.
Also, when you look at hemp seeds, some of the other nutrition facts are impressive.
It contains 50% your daily value of magnesium. We know magnesium is critical for relaxing
muscles, for proper brain function, for improving digestion, and I found that magnesium is the
number one mineral most people are deficient in today. And, again, just one serving, three
tablespoons a day of hemp seeds, has 50% your daily value of magnesium.
Also, it has 50% your daily value of phosphorous and 25% your daily value of zinc. We know
zinc is used in repairing leaky gut. Zinc is important for immune function. So again,
hemp seeds in certain regards blow flax seeds and chia seeds out of the water as nature's
number one healing cedar herb that's available today. So again, a lot of benefits there.
Let's talk about the benefits again, sort of as a ranking order. Number one, it helps
with fat loss. Number two, this is great for people with blood sugar issues or with diabetes.
There's virtually no carbs. We know, again, the fiber, the protein, the fat, all slow
glucose absorption. Again, this is great for people who need to pack on muscle. It's good
for people who need to build strong bones because of the magnesium. It's good for people
with any sort of brain issue who have trouble sleeping or may be struggling with depression
or anxiety. All of those things, all of those ways we see that hemp seeds benefit the body.
And here's how I recommend using it. Every morning when you wake up for breakfast, consume
a super foods smoothie. One cup of berries, a little bit of coconut milk, maybe some collagen
or organic protein powder, and then three tablespoons of hemp seeds. And by doing that
super foods smoothie in the morning, you're getting some great benefits, especially from
the hemp seeds. Also, you can do some organic yogurt or kefir. Sprinkle a little bit of
raw honey and hemp seeds on top.
And also I use hemp seeds in baking. A lot of times I've done a grouper crusted fish.
And so I'll bread chicken and fish using hemp seeds as well and cook it up in coconut oil
or bake it in the oven. Those are awesome, great ways you can start to use hemp seeds.
So again, hemp seeds, a nutritional powerhouse. One serving, that's three tablespoons contains
10 grams of protein, 3,000 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids, 25% your daily value of zinc
and 50% your daily value of magnesium. Hemp seeds really are one of nature's number one
super foods.
Hey, if you want to learn more about the benefits of hemp seeds and check out some cool hemp
seed recipes, visit my website, DrAxe.com. Also, make sure you subscribe here to the
YouTube channel, I've got a lot more information coming up on nature's top healing herbs and
natural super foods.
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Benefits of Hemp Seeds

1729 Folder Collection
Radu Ra published on March 27, 2016
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