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  • what's up guys. it's Joe.and this week I'm going to show you the biggest idiots on the internet.

  • first we have this legend. sprayed his colon on me so he is all I can smell.his colon?

  • I think she was tried to spell was cologne. however she wrote colon which if you're

  • not familiar with anatomy is your asshole. not even like just the opening

  • of the assholes like inside the entire hole of the.. the whole asshole. so if

  • your boyfriend sprayed his colon on you. I mean he likes spray farted it on your

  • body? like.. thats let's keep it going. I'm not against gay people in the slightest.

  • but how do the penises fit into each other? I don't know if you ever seen a

  • peephole. but you can really fit much in there. allow alone on another dick. unless it

  • was like a chance dick which I don't know why you be having sex with an IM 12

  • weeks pregnant and I feel like I'm Way too big already my husband and I

  • experimented with my horse one drunken night around when I conceived as a

  • possible I'm carrying a fall I'm so scared to go to ultrasound and make me

  • unbored if so I'm pro-life 100% even if it is a horse no judging especially if

  • you live in Arkansas I don't even know what to say by the way if you don't know

  • what a foal is falls like a young horse so fucking lady think she's given birth

  • to a horse I don't know where to start

  • we're just kind of going to have a lot of questions first one whyyy

  • experimenting with a fucking horse you know that they're fuckin dick is the

  • size of my leg on if you're seeing a horse dick but it's like a wiffle ball

  • bat except thicker also what kind of person are you to just put this

  • information on Facebook I mean it's one thing to fuck a horse but to a horse and

  • then tell people about it

  • my god you're losing it and lastly what the fuck is hurt disclaimer no judging

  • even if you're from arkansas why

  • especially arkansas they known for horses don't know people are fucking you

  • kissed my brother tell me how my ass taste not correct me if I'm wrong to

  • phone

  • Schulte are you telling us that your brother eight-year asked what the fuck

  • is going ok people are fucking horses and even their brothers asses or their

  • brothers are you there s people are probably in the Rose ss2 I can't even

  • does so gross they probably don't even do that in arkansas to fucking horses

  • but they're even they're like my fuckin sisters asked gross

  • bucking horses asked that's it that's where I draw the line I only have sex at

  • night because the sperm is asleep which means I won't get pregnant and makes me

  • a virgin hashtag smart hashtag you are a fuckin idiot. just made some synonym

  • rolls. they're all the same. cinnamon now Jesus Christ I'm getting dumber reading

  • the shit. to my calculation if I saved $38 each week I can have a million

  • within three years

  • sounds like a plan to me. sounds like you're a fucking asshole ok if you save

  • $38 a week for three years you'll have like six grand she is a phrase I don't know

  • how people should we have and we have calculators like this would be cool if

  • this happened before electricity you can say whatever it was true if I go to us

  • to dock ship you like whatever man I can google as I have to trust you but we

  • have the answers we have Google we have phones like just look it up but anyway

  • that's all for this week's video I will see you guys next tuesday and

  • tell your mom with the nice rack I said hello ok

what's up guys. it's Joe.and this week I'm going to show you the biggest idiots on the internet.

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