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China and United States have faced off over Beijing's territorial claims in the East China
Sea. While Washington's defense chief spoke out
against China's increasing assertiveness in the region,.. his Chinese counterpart warned
his country was prepared to use its military if it feels threatened.
Yoo Li-an reports. In a clear display of the underlying tensions
between the two world superpowers, the defense chiefs of China and the United States on Tuesday
exchanged some sharp words on territorial disputes.
U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel denounced Beijing's declaration of an air defense zone
over the East China Sea,.. that includes the disputed islands known as Diaoyu in China
and Senkaku in Japan.
"Every nation has a right to establish an air defense zone, but not a right to do it
unilaterally with no collaboration, no consultation. That adds to tensions, misunderstandings,
and could eventually add to, and eventually get to dangerous conflict."
Hagel added that in case of conflict with Japan,.. the U.S. will protect its ally, as
laid out by its treaty obligations. China's Defense Minister fired back saying
Beijing stands ready to assemble its military to protect its territory.
"I'd like to reiterate that the territorial sovereignty issue is China's core interest.
On this issue we will make no compromise, no concession, no trading, not even a tiny
bit of violation is allowed."
Chang also said the U.S. should not be permissive or supportive of Tokyo.
China-U.S. relations have been under strain since Beijing's unilaterally declared its
air defense zone last year. Prior to his trip to Beijing, Defense Secretary
Hagel expressed support for Japan's claims to the disputed territory in the East China
Sea. Yoo Li-an, Arirang News.
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U.S., China exchange sharp words on territorial disputes

344 Folder Collection
Kuao Tom published on March 25, 2016
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