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Yuejin Lantern Festival was first held in 2010. 2010年首度於月津港辦理燈會活動
Art element was introduced to local community 以藝術進駐地方社區
and traditional lantern festival 與傳統燈會
to inspire creativity and link up to local culture. 打造出充滿創意又結合在地文化
It is a large-scale lantern festival integrated with natural landscape. 與自然景觀的大型燈節活動
After the continuous organization in the past five years, 連續5年的辦理下
Yuejin Lantern Festival now 月經港燈節活動已成為
is the large-scale cultural event during Chinese Lunar New Year 全台灣過年春節
in Taiwan that everyone must attend. 不可錯過的大型文化活動
The theme of 2016 Yuejin Lantern Festival 2016年月津港燈節以
is “The Cabin in the Sky of Yuejin.” 「月光寶盒,亮今津」為主題
“Cabin in the Sky” adapted from the journey to the West 「月光寶盒」在電影改編的大話西遊中
Is a film that enables viewers to transcend space and time. 是一只能夠讓人穿越時空 交錯時序
The cabin changed the life of people. 引發命運變化的寶盒
Yujin Port is like the cabin, 月津港燈節如同這只寶盒
Art installation in the moon light 月光下的藝術裝置
Represents the old prosperity of Yanshui with the magic power. 彷彿魔力一般交錯重疊著鹽水的舊時榮景
Lanterns cover the whole Yujin Port 整個燈區涵蓋月津港港區
including the selected lantern area, 徵選燈區以及
Ciaonan Historical Street, 橋南老街
Wangye Temple Lane, 王爺廟巷
Yiyin Lane, 銀巷
Liancheng Lane, 連成巷
Sioude Sacrifice Pavilion, 修德拜亭
and Octagonal Building. 及八角樓等老街巷弄場域
Lanes and allies of Yanshui are very interesting, 鹽水的巷弄非常有趣
decorated with lanterns and hangings, 張燈結綵
to greet for the arrival of new year. 充滿了過年的氣息
They are preserved as historical streets 巷弄保有許多老街的樣貌
with the combination of community and artists’ creativity. 結合社區與藝術家的創意
At every corner, you’ll easily see installation artworks 轉彎就會發現一些裝置藝術作品
or lantern decoration. 或是燈飾
to promote the Yukjin Festival 來推動月津港燈節
that lights up the whole Yanshui. 點亮整個鹽水
Hello, I’m Katie. 嗨!我是Katie
Today I’m here in Yanshuei. 今天我在鹽水
I come here for seeing those beautiful lanterns! 這次是來看這些美麗的花燈囉
This time, they plan a special theme for the festival. 主辦單位這次規畫了特別的主題呢
Come with me and go see some stuff. 和我一起去走走看看吧
This artwork is made by our artist, Huang Mei-Hui. 這一件是藝術家黃美惠的作品
“Blossom Brings Good Fortune” symbolizes 「花開富貴」象徵著
the hope and abundance brought by mother earth. 大地帶來希望與財富
The flowers that Huang Mei-Hui created are 黃美惠所創作的
Blossoming glamorously in Yuejin Harbor. 花朵在月津港華麗的綻放著
This beautiful one called ” Blossom Brings Good Fortune.” 這件美麗的作品則是「花開富貴」
In the front, there’s a frog 在前面有一隻青蛙
that actually presents a toad. 就是我們代表-蟾蜍哥
There are also shadows behind, 後面那裏有那種-有影無影
Shadow Theatre 就是影子劇場那裏
where you can take photos. 可以拍照
Lantern reflection on the water is so beautiful. 水面上的燈真的很漂亮
And this one is really interesting. 這件作品非常有趣
It’s called Shadow Play. 叫做有影嘸
Made by Lee Wei-Mu. 李維睦做的
When people walk pass the arework, 當路人經過作品
their shadows will be projested on the while screen, 燈光將影子投於白幕上
creating interesting ”shadow animation” 形成有趣的「影子動畫」
Small props are provided 現場將提供小道具使用
for people to play with their creativiry 讓民眾發揮創意
and make interesting pictures. 創造有趣畫面
When you come here, where did you go 到了這裡 你們去逛過哪些地方?
Or what artworks get your attention? 或是對哪間作品特別有印象呢?
We just visited the historical street 我們剛去逛了老街
And had some snack foods. 然後吃了非常多的小吃
We also went to Yuejin Port. 也逛了這裡的月津港
Our favorite lantern is Hua Hao Yue Yuan. 我們最喜歡那顆「花好月圓」了
Look at those two giant balls floating on the water. 看看我身後那兩顆浮在水面上的大球
This one was made by artist, Su Meng-Hung. 這是藝術家蘇孟鴻的作品喔
Of course, it also has a name 當然 這個作品也有名字
That is “Blooming Flowers Under The Full Moon.” 叫做「花好月圓」
This one is my favorite. 我最喜歡這個了
I mean, when it lights up, 我指的是當燈亮起
and glimmering with the reflection, it’s so gorgeous. 隨著水波 倒影蕩漾
Life is beautiful 生活正美好
Su Meng-Hung is skilled in taking elements 擅長挪用清代中晚期畫作的蘇孟鴻
like flowers and birds, which represent literati’s taste, 將文人雅士品味的花鳥元素
from mid to late Qing dynasty paintings and putting them 呈現於當代媒材
on modern media such as inflated rubber balls. 充氣圓球上
Red flowers and golden moon may sound gaudy, 紅花與金月看似艷俗
Yet their reflections on the water of Yuejin Harbor look elegant. 在月津港的波光映射下更添雅致
Blooming flowers under the full moon- 花好月圓
Life is beautiful 生活正美好
Look behind me, 我身後
this frog is the boy mentioned about. 這隻青蛙就是剛才那位男生所提到的
Now I remember, 我想起
this one called “Frog Croaks under the Moonlight.”, made by Su Si-Sieng. 這件作品是藝術家徐世賢的「月池蛙鼓」
This year has the highest number of 60 lanterns. 60座主燈作品為歷年最多
In the night, Yuejin Port has been covered 整個月津港被花燈籠罩
by lanterns and more colors are showm, 為夜晚增添繽紛色彩
like a sparking jewel box. 如同珠寶盒一樣閃閃發亮
There are also various events at 2016 Yuejin Lantern 2016月津港燈節周邊活動也相當豐富
Festival including holiday music and street artist performances, 有假日音樂與街頭藝人演出
Water Lily Sculpture Exhibition, 水仙花雕展
and Flow Sea on Sinyi Rd. 和信義路花海等
Innovative art combines with local culture; 以創新藝術結合在地人文風情
when you come here for lanterns, 來月津港賞燈外
You can also appreciate these artworks. 還可以到附近走走逛逛
Happy New Year, YA! 新年快樂 耶
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《HOT Tainan哈臺南》第二集單元-月津港燈節(CC字幕版)

881 Folder Collection
臺南視野 published on March 25, 2016
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