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  • I like the guy with the smile and the tears.

  • You know, like laughing so hard that he's actually crying.

  • Oh, that's good.

  • You're not a big emoji fan.

  • No.

  • But I send you emojis.

  • Yeah.

  • It's an insane way to communicate.

  • It is. But sometimes it really gets the point across.

  • It does, come on! Yeah.

  • Sloth, I think.

  • Yeah, for me.

  • I like their relaxed casual attitudes.

  • I think they've got a nice vibe to them.

  • Not really causing any trouble.

  • Uh, wow.

  • It's gif.

  • Yeah.

  • Like the peanut butter.

  • Zero.

  • Really?

  • Yeah for me? Yeah.

  • Like some people like to collect emails.

  • Like they have 30,000 emails.

  • That's me.

  • Sometimes I just --

  • it's too many to even look at,

  • that I just switch email accounts.

  • Read the comments?

  • No.

  • Good -- no.

  • No. No.

  • People can say some very mean things.

  • Ha ha.

  • What?

  • Nothing.

  • Just, the wrong thing popped into my head.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • Aww, Marnie!

  • Marnie.

  • I'd say Marnie.

  • Yeah, yeah. I like Marnie.

  • And I like Pumpkin the raccoon.

  • Honestly, innerpeace1.

  • Really?

  • Yeah, it was pretty deep.

  • Oh man.

  • 2XL, does that count?

  • Remember that guy? You know?

  • You could push him, he was like a little 8 track player.

  • I remember being in school,

  • using an Apple.

  • Like, the screen felt so small in comparison to the actual contraption.

  • We've come a long way.

  • We really have.

I like the guy with the smile and the tears.

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'Mr. Robot' Stars Christian Slater and Rami Malek Are Techies at Heart

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    zaphiel posted on 2016/03/24
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