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  • The possibility of dimensions of space beyond the three that we know about is an idea that

  • it cropped up in the early part of the twentieth century and it has been with us ever since.

  • Even our modern approach to unified theory, something called string theory, evokes the

  • possibility of more dimensions than the three that we experience, right. So we all know

  • about left-right, back-forth and up-down, right. Those are the three dimensions that

  • are all around us. We all move through them freely in day to day life. These other dimensions

  • suggested by theoretical considerations. There is no experimental evidence for any of what

  • I’m about to tell you. But the theoretical considerations suggest that in addition to

  • left-right, back-forth and up-down there may be other spatial dimensions. It’s hard to

  • picture like where could they be? There doesn’t seem to be any room left and that’s really

  • the point. They are new places that our experience doesn’t allow us to access directly but

  • according to this theoretical ideas might be there.

  • I have a little analogy that helps to understand this. Think of a garden hose is one that we

  • love to use. So think about a garden hose that’s nice and long. Now from far away

  • the garden hose is going to look one dimensional because that’s the only part that you have

  • the visual acuity to see because the circular part is just too small for your feeble eyes

  • to detect. But then if you take a pair of binoculars from a faraway vantage point now

  • you see that there is a circular dimension, a circular part that wraps around the garden

  • hose that you missed when you just used your feeble senses. So dimensions can be big, obvious

  • and easy to see or they can be curled up and tiny, much more difficult to detect. Now the

  • garden hose is an object in our universe. But this idea might apply to space itself,

  • right. So it could be that left-right, back-forth and up-down are the big easy to see dimensions

  • like the horizontal extent of the garden hose. But just as the hose has a curled up dimension,

  • maybe space itself has curled up dimensions all around us, just curled up to such a fantastically

  • small size that we can’t see them with our eyes. We can’t see them even with today’s

  • most powerful microscopes. But the possibility according to the mathematics well motivated

  • by these attempts of realizing Einstein’s dream of unified theory, the math suggests

  • this as a real possibility that there may be more dimensions than the ones that we directly

  • experience.

The possibility of dimensions of space beyond the three that we know about is an idea that

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