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Hey, look, shooting stars!
Quick! Make a wish! You gotta make a wish!
Wow! My wish came true.
I'm okay
Mine too
The defining chapter
meteor shower!!!
meteor? shower?
in the greatest chillogy
a mother of all asteroids screaming into the woods, but I've got a plan.
Who's with me?
Crash and Eddie reporting for duty
hahaha, duty!
of all time
All I wanted is true love
Everybody has somebody
but all I got is my boyish good looks and this mariachi band
This summer
The end of ice age
It's coming! Get inside the cave!
It's just the beginning
Hey! It sounds like it's slowing down
...except for that one
of a new age
Wow! Where are we?
Here he is. The master of meditation
The supreme serene
The Shang-ge-lama
This is the guy who's gonna save us
Yes. But first, downward dog!
funky chicken
bouncing belly
mashed potato
Hey this is kind of easy
...Could you help me please?
my nose is dangerously close to my butt
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Ice Age: Collision Course Official Trailer #2 (2016) - Ray Romano, John Leguizamo Animated Movie HD

25828 Folder Collection
Mikae Wu published on April 5, 2016    Mikae Wu translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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