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  • If I could send a video to my 16-year-old self

  • (sigh) I would send her so much wisdom.

  • First of all, put yourself first.

  • 16-year-old Anna, I know it's hard

  • because you're such a romantic

  • but god damn it, romance yourself!

  • Because, otherwise,

  • you're asking another human being

  • to give you all the validation and love

  • that you need to function,

  • and not only is that an unreasonable expectation for him,

  • but that's codependent relationship for you

  • for the next decade.

  • Codependent relationship after codependent relationship.

  • So let's not learn that the hard way.

  • Time travel, go!

  • Two, I always struggled with hair.

  • Because, I was like, my hair is flat and limp,

  • and I hold it against my face and I look like a nun,

  • What the fuck!

  • What you do, is you take three to four sections

  • or maybe like two to three,

  • you tease them, spray them,

  • you take the sides, you tease,

  • you spray, you comb it all over,

  • and then you curl.

  • And it looks divine.

  • Three, stop putting down other girls.

  • Stop hating other girls.

  • Stop feeling threatened and insecure and jealous

  • because that's just getting in the way

  • of you knowing a really awesome human being.

  • You know, no one can ever be you.

  • No one is you.

  • So there's really no sense in feeling any kind of competition.

  • I would rather go up to a girl, and be like,

  • "Oh my god! I fucking love you! All of this!

  • I don't know you, but I love this!"

  • Rather than being like (whispering gesture)

  • Because really?

  • THIS? What the fuck is "THIS?"

  • "THIS?" is not getting to know another person.

  • "THIS?" is "I'm missing out on all those glorious girlfriend dates

  • where we would go to dinner and have cocktails

  • and connect and have fun

  • and I would have a lifelong friendship with someone

  • who truly cares about me."

  • So 16-year-old Anna,

  • get your shit together!

  • And love other girls, because they're awesome!

  • Four, go after what you want.

  • Don't be afraid.

  • No one else is gonna..pursue your career for you.

  • No one else is gonna maintain those relationships

  • or those friendships, or ask that guy out for you.

  • Who cares? Be bold!

  • You don't wanna be on your deathbed, like "#regrets"

  • You wanna be on your deathbed like,

  • "Yeah! I did everything I wanted to do

  • and if I couldn't do it, at least I tried."

  • Finally, make decisions out of love.

  • This is something that I'm trying to focus on now in therapy,

  • and if you're not in therapy, you should be in therapy,

  • because we all gotta work our shit,

  • but, I spent a lot of my life making decisions out of fear

  • and it wasn't good for me,

  • and it wasn't good for the people in my life,

  • so now that's something that I really wanna do.

  • I wanna make decisions that are best for everyone that I care about,

  • myself included.

  • Be happy. Go travel.

  • See the world. Say ''yes'' to people.

  • Meet friends. Make sure you work out.

  • Drink water. Take vitamins.

  • Respect your body. Respect your mind.

  • Adopt all the animals you can reasonably love and take care of.

  • Don't be so hard on yourself, and stay awesome, Gotham.

If I could send a video to my 16-year-old self

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