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Are you serious right now? Don't get us kicked out again!
I'm not gonna get us kicked out. That was like one time.
Instagram vs. Real Life
Just finished my usual morning run! #gettinginshape
Chloe is my BFF! #wereadorable #puppylove
Come here, Chloe. Come here. I'll give you a treat.
Okay, this isn't helping.
My boo is the best. Aren't we the cutest?! #basicallyengaged #togetherforever
So uh, I slipped on a banana peel the other day. - Surprise selfie!
Yeah. I woke up like this. NBD. #nofilter #naturalbeauty #beyonce
Another beautiful day in California! #caligirl
Aww, what a beautiful flower.
Can't get enough Sunday morning yoga! #namaste
Emily, will you take a picture of me? Please. Yeah.
Okay, but make sure I look poised, okay? Ok. Stand still, ok, I got it.
Here you go. Wait, did you get it? Emily, actually I don't think I can get up.
I gotta go. Ok, wait, can you send someone else?
Night out wit da girlssss! #herewego #alcohol #danceallnight
You guys, let's take a selfie. Yes. Ok, ready? One, two, got it.
Do we look good in the picture. Yes, OMG, I love it !!
Okay. Can we see it? Yeah.
We're not really in the air.
It's like one, three, and like not one, two.
Jump! Boom! Got it.
It's actually...oh but my hair's like in the (way)
Yeah, let's just smile. Okay!
So glad I ran into @quintab, looking all kinds of candidly flawless.
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Instagram Vs. Real Life

136121 Folder Collection
Shirley Huang published on April 24, 2017    Shirley Huang translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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