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  • Hell of a Presidential Race, sir!

  • Everyday the same damn joke...

  • What the hell they make you out of?

  • Bourbon and poor choices!

  • With security at unprecedented levels,this isn't just a gathering of the world's most powerful leaders.

  • It is the most protected event on earth. Welcome to London, Mr. President.

  • What's wrong? Nothing...

  • Buhs get hell out of me.

  • Get down!

  • An attack has decimated the British capital.

  • Five of the world's leaders are now dead.

  • Stay with me, we'll get you out of here!

  • The American president... (Now)

  • unaccounted for.

  • To our friends in the west. (Barkawi...)

  • (Number 6 on the ten list.) What do you want?

  • Your president.

  • That's not going to happen.

  • Then every death from this moment forward

  • will be on your head.

  • We have to find Barkawi before he finds the president.

  • We're going to kill him slowly and broadcast it live.

  • Yeah? Well you should've brought more men.

  • I will not be executed as propaganda.

  • You don't let them take me. It comes to it, I want you to kill me.

  • That's an order.

  • London is just the first stop. Just imagine every major city descending into chaos.

  • Your president dies tonight.

  • To those who threaten our freedom,

  • America will rise up.

  • Alright, here we go.

  • And make no mistake. We will find you.

  • and we will destroy you.

  • Mike, we're getting you out! (go go go...)

  • Rooftop, three o'clock! Brace for impact...

  • Oh my god...

Hell of a Presidential Race, sir!

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London Has Fallen Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman Action Movie HD

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