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- Word up, fruit lovers.
You guys had a ton of questions lately.
I'm gonna do my best to catch up.
- You rang?
- Oh no, I said catch up.
- That's my name.
- Not ketchup, I said catch up.
- Am I missing something here?
That's my name.
- Ahh, can we just roll to the first question please?
- [Voiceover] Hey Orange, knock, knock.
- Ooh, I love these.
Who's there?
- [Voiceover] Orange.
- Orange who?
- [Voiceover] Orange TNT.
- Orange TNT?
What on Earth does that mean?
- Hey!
I'm Orange TNT.
- Woah.
- Can you do this?
- This guy's dynamite.
- Hey, wanna see me touch my tongue
to my detonator?
- Sure.
- No!
(screams) (explosion)
- [Voiceover] It's time for Ask Orange.
- Now let's start tackling these questions.
- [Voiceover] Do something funny.
- No problem.
Here it goes.
- Not so fast.
- Grapefruit, what are ya doin'?
- This is a hostile take over.
I think it's time one of the other characters
got a chance to shine on Ask Orange.
You've been hoggin' the spotlight.
Why not let me answer a question for once, huh?
I can be funny.
I have really tight 12 minute stand up set
I'll have you know.
And I own a whoopie cushion.
- Eh, okay.
You wanna answer the next question?
- I thought you'd never ask.
Roll it.
- [Voiceover] Don't put me on Ask Orange
or squash will squash you.
- What the, wait, give me a different question.
(squash cries)
- Um, next question, I guess.
- [Voiceover] Spell iCup.
- Easy.
- Dude, you seriously fell for that?
- Fell for what?
Did I spell it wrong or something?
- No, but--
- It's I-C-U-P, iCup.
I'm lookin' at it right there.
iCup, I-C-U-P.
- Think about what you're saying dude.
- I See You Pee.
- Gross, you watch me pee?
- Arghh.
- [Voiceover] If you were real, would you sign me
an autograph?
- I'm not real?
(glass breaking) (man grunting)
- [Voiceover] My foot!
- [Voiceover] Say, "Hi, Rachel."
- Hi, Rachel.
- Hi, Rachel.
- (simultaneously) Hi, Rachel.
(fireworks booming) (band instruments playing)
- [Voiceover] Can Pear twerk?
- He sure can.
- Hit it, Pear.
- Aghh, fine.
But this is the last time, okay?
(boinking sounds)
- Look at that pear's derriere.
- [Voiceover] Grow legs.
- Ow, ooh.
Hey, they're super pretty.
Look what I can do.
(can-can music)
Oh, can you do the can-can?
If you can and I can?
- [Voiceover] Can you have a kickboxing face off
with Copper Lincoln?
- Aw yeah.
Let's tango.
- Can, can, can you do the can-can?
Yeah, yeah. - [Copper Lincoln] Ey-oh,
- [Copper Lincoln] we kick boxed
I don't know what Orange.
(Orange babbling) (can-can music)
- Orange, fight me.
- Oh yeah, sorry.
(glass breaking) (man grunting)
- [Voiceover] Oh, my leg!
Can, can do you do the can-can?
(Orange babbling)
- [Voiceover] Hey Orange, there's some chocolate
on the table.
- Ohh.
- [Voiceover] It's actually poop.
(record scratching)
- Ahh, ooo, ooh.
- [Voiceover] Is Marshmallow a boy or gal?
Tell me or I delete YouTube.
- Ahh, delete YouTube?
Marshmallow, you gotta tell us?
- Tell you what?
- If you're a boy or girl.
- Quick, the clock is ticking!
- Yay!
- Hurry! You gotta hurry!
- Okay, okay, I'll tell you.
Right after I finish this tube of Chap-stick.
- Ahh, no one has ever finished a tube of Chap-stick.
(evil laugh)
Tell us if you're a boy or girl before all of YouTube
gets deleted.
- Passion, where you been?
- Guys, let me tell you.
There are a lot of theories flyin' around the kitchen.
Wild theories.
- Yeah?
Well what did everyone think I was doing?
- Well, I heard you took a job with the CIA.
(laser fire burning)
(shouting) (explosion)
- I've got you now, Doctor Po.
- I sink not, Agent 00.
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Annoying Orange - Ask Orange #20: DELETING YOUTUBE!!!

829 Folder Collection
Richard Yuan published on March 19, 2016
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