B2 High-Intermediate Other 545 Folder Collection
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(guns shooting in video games)
- Guys! Guys!
- What Pear?
I'm playing video games!
- Have you seen the headlines?
Serial killer just escaped from prison
and is loose in the kitchen!
- Wow, you must mean Frosty the Snowcone.
- Yeah, how'd you know that?
- Oh, that icy dude's always slippin' in and out of prison.
- Wait. Pear.
Do you not know the story of Frosty the Snowcone?
- Never heard of him.
- Orange! Take it away!
- Gladly!
(clears throat)
- Wait!
Okay, so you mean to tell me
that a crazed lunatic snowcone escaped from jail
and has been turning his ice chunk friends
into an army of crazed lunatic snowcones?
- Yup! Pretty much!
- And I'm the only one concerned about this?
- Yup! Pretty much!
- C'mon! Let's get back to playing video games.
- Ugh, fine.
Hey Orange, can you pass me the...
- Feliz Navidad fruit lovers!
It's your favorite friendly covered spirit with the face!
And I'm back with a very special Christmas edition
of "Ask Orange!"
(glass shatters)
- Um, sorry!
- Knife!
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Annoying Orange - Frosty the Snowcone

545 Folder Collection
Richard Yuan published on March 19, 2016
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