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  • So, just put a little apple cider vinegar in your tea, and that should do the trick. Apple cider vinegar cures everything.

  • Thanks, I'll definitely try that. I've been sick all week. - No problem.

  • How have you been? How are things with Brett? Did you break up with him yet? - Um...

  • No, we didn't break up. We actually ended up moving in together.

  • Dude, you've been talking about breaking up with her for months.

  • I know, but I couldn't do that to Brett.

  • You're right, you're right. Man, I just couldn't break her heart like that.

  • - Well, you see, the thing about Mona is that she's just so nice. - Brett's just way too nice.

  • - Nice to hear from you, Steven, it was great. - It's so nice talking to you.

  • - Okay, goodbye. Bye now. - I really hope the apple cider vinegar works. Okay, see ya.

  • Let me into your atmosphere

  • ♪ I'm going to orbit your interior

  • You adapt with no gravity

  • ♪ A space station in plain sight

  • Oh, my god. Am I bothering you?

  • No, no, no, the inventory can wait. I've got something for ya.

  • What? What?

  • - Huh? - (gasps softly)

  • Celebrate our move-in together?

  • Oh, my gosh, that's so sweet. It's so fancy.

  • It is a rare vintage from... Oh.

  • Oh, I totally forgot. You can't have carbonation because it corrodes your esophagus for singing.

  • Oh, but this was so thoughtful. I should have some.

  • No, no, that's crazy. You know what? I'm just gonna pour it out.

  • What? No!

  • No-no-no-no-no-no, I can't let you do that.

  • What? No, no, no. If you're gonna do something bad for your health, I'll do it too then for solidarity, huh?

  • Mm! Gluten.

  • Hey, babe?

  • One sec.

  • Sorry, I just had to preserve that specimen before it went bad. That is going to be a problem because you're vegan, isn't it?

  • No, it's fine.

  • Okay, are you sure? Because I can totally quit my profession and do something completely different with my life.

  • No, no, keep your profession. Uh, listen... Now that we've been living together for a little bit...

  • I think that this relationship should...

  • Should... should keep on compromising.

  • Yeah. Yeah, okay.

  • I'm just gonna go... take a shower.

  • Oh, no. The shower.

  • (Mona screams)

  • Sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm going to start applying to law schools tomorrow.

  • Don't you dare. (clears throat)

  • Sorry, I just lost my voice from all the screaming.

  • Look, by the way, do you happen to know where my formaldehyde is? Because all I can find is this throat remedy that is in a very similar-looking bottle.

  • I am so sorry.

  • No, don't be. I actually think getting my stomach pumped brought us closer together.

  • Yeah, I mean... I mean, I definitely know the color of your bile now.

  • - Can we talk? - Yeah, let's, uh... Let's talk.

  • I've been thinking.

  • Me, too.

  • And I think that maybe if we maybe think about possibly...

  • Maybe we should...

  • Yeah, just... (clicks tongue)

  • Yeah, I mean, nothing permanent though.

  • No, right. That'd be crazy. Just a couple of months or...

  • Or weeks.

  • Or just a night off, really.

  • And it doesn't really even have to be tonight.

  • It could be any night. Any night at all.

  • Okay, that's enough. We can't keep filming forever. Just end it already.

  • Sorry.

  • No sorrys. I'm calling it; you're broken up.

  • Wow, that sound effect and music is kinda harsh. Can we try something a little less mean?

  • Yeah, and maybe like a question mark at the end, so it's like, "End of relationship?" So it's not so forever and final.

  • Much better. - So much better.

So, just put a little apple cider vinegar in your tea, and that should do the trick. Apple cider vinegar cures everything.

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