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Am I looking forward to tasting some chocolate?
Of course! It's chocolate.
Why is it wrapped like a present?
Oh my God!
It's a kitten!
Oh my God, it's kittens!
Oh my God, it's kittens!
What? This is the best day of my life!
Oh, this isn't chocolate!
Oh my God, hello!
This is so much better than chocolate.
Oh my God, these are so precious!
Oh, you're making noises!
Oh, he's so small!
I care so little about chocolate right now.
They're so fuzzy!
Where's his tail? Oh, he does have one.
I thought he didn't have a tail.
You are mine and we are leaving.
Cats are the best.
If you bite the mic, we can't use this audio.
Cats are great because you work for their attention, but they also will love you so unconditionally.
We hold dogs up as being man's best friend.
There are a lot of cats that can give you just as much love and that need homes.
You just gotta find a cat that's catered to your personality.
If you want a chill cat, they're out there.
If you want a little demon like this guy, they're out there.
There's so many cats in shelters that need homes, so if you can, you should foster them or adopt them.
Any time I open a box, I'm hoping that there are kittens in it and this time it was true.
I'll take all of them, don't worry.
I'll have all the cats.
I like to wrestle with my cats...with my hands, you know, not my full body.
I'm not a maniac.
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Cat Lovers Get Surprised By A Box Of Kittens

1003 Folder Collection
范家禎 published on March 16, 2016
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