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Oli, odds on you eating this
(oli)- what are you doing
eat that
(oli)- I can't
Take a bite out of it
(oli)- arh it's really prickly
Just take a bite out of it
(oli)- no (laughs)
Oh I thought you were actually gonna do it then
(oli)- No. I would of but, it's got loads of spikes on it
You can tell were tourists because we get fascinated over a little bit of cacti or cactus
Oli, Last chance
Well it's not last chance
Come on, one bite
Just one bite
Do you know on the comments section below on the video I tried to make you eat cactus
they told me that you can actually buy cactus, edible cactus from like Target or somewhere
(oli)- Nooo!
yeah you can
(oli)- well i'd eat that then
(oli)- Oh shut up no im not eating bloody cactus
(oli)- dont even bloody ask i aint flipping eating it
Come on mate
Come on
(oli)- I'll get ill from it
No you wont
Last chance, this could be your last chance mate
Come on
{odds on}
Odds on come on, one last odds on
Hang on a minute, Oli!
Come here
They've left you a present
Something for you to eat
(oli)- where?
Piss off
(oli)- I swear to God if you make, I was gonna say if you make another bloody cactus joke
come on
(oli)- No!
why not?
(oli)- I'm not eating a bloody cactus!
come on
(oli)- Piss off
(oli)- shut up, I don't think it's real it's probebly plastic
I think those are real
I think they're real
Oh my goodness
Iv'e spotted it
Come here
Just come here quick
(oli)- what?
Down there
Come on now's your chance just take one bite out of it
Just take one little bite
Thats all you gotta do
(louis)- do it man
Guys, were gonna make Oli eat cactus by the end of this trip I dont know how. I might have to make him do it in his sleep but were gonna do it
Joe. Can I have the cactus.
That is horrible
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Odds on you eating cactus || Oli White & Joe Sugg

681 Folder Collection
陳愉靜 published on March 14, 2016
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