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As the death toll continues to rise, the captain and suriviving crew members of the sunken
ferry are coming under fire... for failing to follow proper safety guidelines.
Our Paul Yi reports on the crew's mistakes and what they could have done to save more
lives. "Unfasten your belt Stand up Come out
" This flight training exercise shows how cabin
crew are supposed to direct passengers during an emergency situation.
The detailed instructions include how to prepare for an emergency landing, and safe exit of
the plane. It's all basic routine procedures for air
travel... but it's also required on all marine passenger vessels.
According to the Korea Coast Guard, the captain is responsible for ordering crew members to
conduct safety demonstrations for passengers and keep them informed.
But acting Captain Lee Joon-Seok of the Sewol-ho ferry failed to follow even these basic guidelines.
Many of the survivors say they were rushed onboard the vessel, receiving little or no
safety training such as learning how to put on a life jacket.
The captain of the ship and some crew members also reportedly disobeyed maritime laws by
abandoning the sinking ship, leaving hundreds of people to fend for themselves.
But the mistakes don't end there. Testimony from survivors, text messages and
video have corroborated the fact that onboard announcements REPEATEDLY asked passengers
to stay put... as the ferry was tilting before finally telling all the passengers to jump
into the sea.
"Do not move. It will be more dangerous if you move around. Therefore, do not move."
Experts say the order to remain indoors goes against proper procedure in the event of a
"If water has begun to enter and flood the ship, then you have to get to the highest
possible ground. The highest place is the deck."
The lack of safety training, contradicting announcements, and absence of clear direction
from the captain and crew may have caused a higher number of fatalities, as confused
passengers searched for a way out... with little time to escape.
Paul Yi, Arirang News.
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Ferry captain, crew fail to follow maritime safety guidelines

320 Folder Collection
kath_chaste published on March 14, 2016
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