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  • As the death toll continues to rise, the captain and suriviving crew members of the sunken

  • ferry are coming under fire... for failing to follow proper safety guidelines.

  • Our Paul Yi reports on the crew's mistakes and what they could have done to save more

  • lives. <SOV> "Unfasten your belt Stand up Come out

  • " This flight training exercise shows how cabin

  • crew are supposed to direct passengers during an emergency situation.

  • The detailed instructions include how to prepare for an emergency landing, and safe exit of

  • the plane. It's all basic routine procedures for air

  • travel... but it's also required on all marine passenger vessels.

  • According to the Korea Coast Guard, the captain is responsible for ordering crew members to

  • conduct safety demonstrations for passengers and keep them informed.

  • But acting Captain Lee Joon-Seok of the Sewol-ho ferry failed to follow even these basic guidelines.

  • Many of the survivors say they were rushed onboard the vessel, receiving little or no

  • safety training such as learning how to put on a life jacket.

  • The captain of the ship and some crew members also reportedly disobeyed maritime laws by

  • abandoning the sinking ship, leaving hundreds of people to fend for themselves.

  • But the mistakes don't end there. Testimony from survivors, text messages and

  • video have corroborated the fact that onboard announcements REPEATEDLY asked passengers

  • to stay put... as the ferry was tilting before finally telling all the passengers to jump

  • into the sea.

  • "Do not move. It will be more dangerous if you move around. Therefore, do not move."

  • Experts say the order to remain indoors goes against proper procedure in the event of a

  • flooding.

  • "If water has begun to enter and flood the ship, then you have to get to the highest

  • possible ground. The highest place is the deck."

  • The lack of safety training, contradicting announcements, and absence of clear direction

  • from the captain and crew may have caused a higher number of fatalities, as confused

  • passengers searched for a way out... with little time to escape.

  • Paul Yi, Arirang News.

As the death toll continues to rise, the captain and suriviving crew members of the sunken

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