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"Raised positions, shout commands."
The training to become a flight attendant at Alaska Airlines can be
very intense,
(flight attendants shouting commands)
and at times it can be very challenging.
"Wow. Okay!"
What sets us apart at Alaska Airlines is that we care about you
and are dedicated to your success.
"Okay guys, this is where it all starts. Graduation was last night, the academics are done."
So there you are, beginning to think:
"You know I might want to do this!" It really is an exciting lifestyle.
You get to travel across the country every single week.
If you think about it, that's something that's done by the super rich
and flight attendants.
The next step for you is to apply and once you've done that
and you're successful, you will be invited along with
other candidates to our training center in Seattle,
Washington where you'll begin our training Program. On the aircraft, as a passenger,
you're seeing very happy
bright, shiny, smiling flight attendants conducting service
for the airplane and treating the customers very
well. But what you don't realize is, behind the scenes, there is so much more going on in the
aircraft. In the training programs, we're going to dive into some areas that you might not be expecting.
(Flight attendant speaking) "So remember, stop this exit blocked, door jam, turn around..."
When you're there, you'll begin to realize that the training
program is more than just serving sodas and hot meals,
but it's all the emergency
preparedness in the aircraft. You learn all the equipment.
Believe it or not,
you'll be diving into a very deep pool, watching you
save your classmates.
"Very tiring, but not too bad - not as bad as I thought it was going to be."
"We did our whole drill, it was really fun!"
In the training center you'll actually be jumping down evacuation
slides and
doing all kinds of crazy activities - nothing you ever
probably imagined you'd be doing in the program. All of that in as little as five weeks:
becoming certified, getting on the airplane,
and treating our customers very, very well.
At Alaska Airlines, we have a very successful training program
not only because our students graduate
and they show us by their actions that they can do whatever is required of them,
but we also have a very high success rate.
Our goal is to get everybody through the program.
Of course at Alaska Airlines we're very safety-conscious. Safety is number one.
"With my signature on this form, this will make you an official flight attendant.
You'll be turning this in to get your ID."
"Thank you so much!"
"I appreciate it!"
My name is Matthew Coder, I'm the manager Of Inflight Services Training,
and I've been training and supporting flight attendants for over 25 years
here at Alaska Airlines.
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What is Flight Attendant Training?

851 Folder Collection
kath_chaste published on March 14, 2016
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