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  • Can we just kinda kiss now?

  • [Thoughts you have before a first kiss]

  • - Oh, watch that. - Yeah, yeah.

  • That's kind of awkward just having that right there.

  • Yeah, they wanna sure you never leave the restaurant.

  • - Oh, right. Exactly. - They just wanna keep you there forever. - Forever.

  • - In a rainforest of wine and spaghetti. - Yeah.

  • (Together) Uh...

  • I uh...

  • Damn, she's so gorgeous.

  • Don't look at her breasts. Look up.

  • I had a good time.

  • This date went so well. Are we gonna kiss? His lips look so soft.

  • Yeah, me too. I mean this is a great place.

  • I think you got a boogie. You might wanna try to scratch that.

  • There you go. That was real cool actually, low key.

  • Maybe I should kiss him, right? That seems modern.

  • No, no, I can feel it. I can feel he's gonna go for it.

  • Man, I'm nervous as hell right now. Trying to figure out the best way to go about this.

  • Okay, I hope he doesn't ask me if he can kiss me. Just go for it, dude. I'm giving you all the signals.

  • Maybe I could just ask to kiss her. No, no, don't ask, that's stupid. Or if I just walk in, like, right now.

  • We're about to kiss. This is incredible.

  • Son of a bitch.

  • Wait, he was about to go for it. What happened?

  • Did he just dabs me? Are we bros?

  • How the hell could you fuck this up?

  • Ah... My life is a joke. Oh, he smells good. Okay, good bye, cute boy, good bye forever.

  • Why are you touching her face? You know you didn't wash your hands!

  • - Cool. - Yep.

  • (That was a nightmare!)

  • (I choked like a bitch.)

  • Hey.

  • - I... - You again!

  • Yeah, in the dark parking lot. I promise I'm not stalking you. I promise.

  • Is that...this your car?

  • This is the Red Thunder.

  • Have a seat, madame.

  • Oh, thank you.

  • Yes, yes, dear.

  • You're still just as smooth as you were 45 seconds ago.

  • Touché, I did mess that up earlier. I won't lie about it. I get nervous.

  • - That's cute. - You know?

  • - That's cute. - I mean, it's not good though.

  • - I mean I just kind of... - It's cute.

  • - I just really think you're fantastic. - Oh, come on. - Yeah.

  • So, I'm just gonna be honest. Can we just kinda kiss now?

Can we just kinda kiss now?

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Thoughts You Have Before A First Kiss

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    Mikae Wu posted on 2022/02/18
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