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- You're fantastic, and then you won
for the best show, Best Drama.
That's really amazing, congratulations.
- Oh, yeah, thank you. - Yeah, congratulations.
[cheers and applause]
- It was thrilling.
Our show, it's so much fun to do.
Our cast is incredible. Our crew's incredible.
Everybody that writes, and-- you know.
Just celebrating with them yesterday,
being at the Golden Globes, it's unbelievable.
- That was your first time, right?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Who--you took your mom? - I took Mom, yeah.
- Yeah, she must've been proud. [cheers and applause]
- She was-- [cheers and applause]
She was really proud, and she's--
Yeah, there we go. She's my backbone, and, uh--
But all she wanted to do was meet John Hamm.
[audience laughter]
I was like, "Okay, Mom, you can meet John Hamm.
Hold on, I got to do some interviews."
And she's like, "I need to meet John Hamm right now."
I'm like, "You understand that's my competition tonight, right?
We're both up for Best Actor."
And she's like, "Doesn't matter."
And then we were sitting down, and his name got called,
and he won, and she's like, "He deserved it."
[audience laughter] It was like, "Okay."
No, no, she loves me to death,
but I think she was protecting me to a certain extent,
but yeah, he's such a cool guy.
He was so much fun, and he is so deserving.
- Yeah, well, and so are you.
I think you're fantastic in this show,
so you'll have another chance at it, I'm sure.
And you have an identical twin brother, right?
- I do, yeah. - Is he in the business as well?
- He's not. Everybody thinks--
He ended up coming to a few parties with me last night,
so everybody's coming up to him, congratulating him.
[audience laughter]
He's just like, "Yeah, thanks a lot, I appreciate it."
Yeah. - And Christian Slater won,
who is--he's great in the episode.
He's so good. - He's so good.
- Congratulations to him. [cheers and applause]
- And a class act, he is. - Yeah.
- Yeah, he's really a great guy.
It's just such a great show.
So you've started season two?
- We've written a majority of the episodes,
so when we get--you know, when we get in there,
we can just shoot, and, uh--
Yeah, it's just as good as the first season, if not stronger.
I think you're gonna love it. - I am gonna love it.
I can't wait. I can't wait.
It's so nice meeting you. You're fantastic.
- It's such high praise to sit down with you.
I got to say, I've been a fan for so long,
And I went back and watched your earlier stuff,
and Carson, and then him pulling you over
for the first time to do that to a woman was--
That's such a beautiful moment, so congrats to you as well.
- Thank you so much.
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Rami Malek Makes His 'Ellen' Debut

2818 Folder Collection
zaphiel published on March 14, 2016
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