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Okay… let’s face it most people got no idea what and where the clitoris is. But this
video is gonna put an end to this misery forever because I’ve found the clitoris. And I ll
show you where exactly that little bundle of joy can be found and how she likes to be touched
Wait what ? i didn't find it ?
uh... no !
Okay so the clit is so much more than what most people think it is. It is not just a
tiny button.. but more like a gigantic iceberg. And what you can see of it is just like the
tip of the iceberg.
The tip of the clit can be found at the top of the labia. The rest of this little baby
extends up to freaking 5 inches inside the body. That’s almost the same proportion
as of how much you see of an iceberg.
It’s a super complex organ system and the craziest thing is that its sole function is
to make us chicas feel happy.. well.. I mean feel pleasure.
And there are some other really amaaaaazing facts about the clitoris.
This little bundle of joy is the most nerve rich part of the entire body of a chica. The
glans .. which is the tip of the clitoris contains about 8000 nerve endings .. and all
of these spread sweet sensations to another 15000 nerves in the pelvis area.. which explains
why woman can have these super powerful full body orgasms..
The clitoris also has some brothers and sisters.. the famous G-spot and the infamous A- and
U-Spot. But we’ll talk about those in another video. All you gotta know for now is that
they are all connected and somehow stimulate the clitoris.
And here’s good news.. The clitoris is the only part of our bodies that never ages. It
remains at the peak of its power for the rest of our life’s.. which means you can have
awesome orgasms even when you 95.
To the ancient taoists the clitoris was known to have a direct connection to the pineal
gland. And the pineal gland is known as a secret doorway to awakening, deeper connection
and supercharged creativity. So the more you awaken the clitoris the more you might awaken
your pineal gland.. but well.. that’s just my theory.
.. the clitoris holds so much magical powers that it can transform a normal woman into
an irresistible, empowered goddess.. and all it needs is the right kinda touch.. and the
more often you touch her the more the goddess within will awaken.
Rose ! There is an iceberg, we gonna hit it !
what?? .. was that that bad..
okay this goes out to all my boys out there and of course also all my girls who love girls..
don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t found the clitoris yet.. because seriously
sometimes she is just really hard to find..
.. and even you ve found her it doesn’t mean that you’ve hit the jackpot.. because
each woman has her own code to unlock this gateway.
.. but there are definately some secrets that almost always help..
.. talk to your girl .. ask her what she likes.. I can’t stress this enough.. and if you
don’t like talking then instead read her body language.. if she becomes stiff it means
she doesn’t like what you are doing. If she moves her hips and moans she usually likes
it too.. so girls: don’t fake it! you are only misleading your man.
.. the clitoris is not a power switch and it’s also not a launch button.. before you
touch her little jewel awaken her entire body..
If you want to learn how to awaken her entire body check out my video on how to give a yoni
massage or sign up for my online love courses. the links are under the video.
In most cases the clitoris is super sensitive .. except if a woman has used too many vibrators..
but usually it s super sensitive and if you want to touch her right you ll have to learn
the art of soft touch..
to give you a better idea of how the clitoris likes to be touched try this exercise:
Rub your thumb and forefinger together, and see if you can make your stroke soft, slow
and short enough to feel the ridges of your thumbprint and fingerprint as they move across
each other. Try it now.That’s how you want to touch it.
each woman is unique .. but there are some things you can never go wrong with.
Almost every women likes to have her clit circled, kissed or stroked along the shaft
from the bottom to the top. You can also squeeze her a bit by placing the thumb and index finger
on either side.
Oh Rose ! we've hit the iceberg
Boo as always .. I hope you enjoyed this little 101. And if you want to see a full demonstration
of how to touch a woman check out my online love courses. All links are under this video.
And if you like this video give it a thumbs up. and even share it with the word.
and don’t forget, You are awesome.. you are magic.. thank you so so much for tuning in.
I am sending you all my love. Peace. I am outta here.
and if you like my stuff check out my other videos and don't forget to subscribe.
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Clitoris 101: Give Her A Clitoral Orgasm Like A Rockstar ☜-(ΘLΘ)-☞

5630 Folder Collection
小光 published on March 13, 2016
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