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  • You get to the end of the date and you're like waiting there, like should I move my face closer and look at your mouth to indicate that I'm gonna kiss you?

  • So, I met this girl online on a dating site and we decided to have a meet up for a first date.

  • And it went terrible.

  • She drove me back to my place and I just wanted to leave, but she was like, "You know, I really gotta use the bathroom. Can I use your bathroom?"

  • So, she goes to use my bathroom, and I'm waiting there for a while.

  • And home girl comes out butt ass naked.

  • She's just like, "What's up?"

  • I'm like, "Get the hell out of my apartment. You're done, that's it, I'm not being nice anymore."

  • And that was the end of that.

  • When I was 15, I met a boy at a party and we went on a date to the beach, and we ate pizza, and we sat by the water.

  • It was so romantic.

  • And then he was driving me home and I started to feel really sick.

  • Like really sick.

  • And I was like I can hold it, I can hold it in, just get to your house. You can do it.

  • And he stopped at my gate to like punch in the gate code, and I was like nope.

  • And I opened the car door and just puked outside of the car.

  • Just puked.

  • And then closed the door, and was like, "So, anyway."

  • Like he wasn't gonna notice what just happened.

  • He very politely dropped me off at my house and did not kiss me.

  • I met this girl through a mutual friend of ours, and I asked her if she just wanted to go out to eat.

  • And as soon as the food got there I realized that she was like the loudest eater on earth, to the point where I was not paying attention to a single thing she was saying.

  • And I snapped out of it for like one second, and I just blurted out, "Yeah, I agree."

  • And apparently what she had said was, "I need to lose weight."

  • So, there weren't anymore dates after that one.

  • So, I was on a date with this guy and it was going pretty well.

  • And then we got into like a really intense conversation.

  • And he was talking about how he had some issues because at one point in time he had broken his penis, and it wasn't quite fixed yet.

  • And I said to him, "You know, that's actually like a really big problem. You should probably get that checked out."

  • And he just look at me and he said "Yeah you know, maybe you can remind me to do it you know, tomorrow, or the next time that we meet."

  • And I was like, "I don't think so."

  • And I never called him again.

  • So, I really liked this girl, and it took her months to agree to go out with me on a date.

  • And so the date goes really well.

  • She invites me back to her house, beautiful house.

  • She bakes, likes there's cookies and cakes.

  • I'm just like this is a dream.

  • This is like the best date ever.

  • And out walks her sister to go to the refrigerator.

  • And we briefly make eye contact, and then I realized that we made out at a party a few weeks earlier.

  • After making eye contact with me, they made eye contact with each other, and went to her room.

  • They come out giggling.

  • And that was the end of my stay at their house.

  • No kiss for ol' pizza puke breath.

You get to the end of the date and you're like waiting there, like should I move my face closer and look at your mouth to indicate that I'm gonna kiss you?

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