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  • I have a very strong link to this place here and I think I will live here for many more years

  • but also it's awesome I am very fortunate and we are very fortunate to be able to live here...

  • and it's just the quality of life here is just amazing

  • I grow up here and for sure I can say that's a great place

  • It's not only as you see on TV you know just the money and the Casino

  • no, there is also a very much normal side to Monaco which is the Monaco I have grown up

  • where you go to the promenade, you play soccer and all this things....

  • I went to school right above the paddock and I remember math class,

  • I would'nt listen at all, I would just looking at the cars at the ground

  • at the time they push the cars to the grid or whatever to the pits

  • so all the work was been done in the paddock and that was fantastic to watch it

  • and to think that now I am down there driving it's unbelivable

  • I like to go off the mountain also like the other day I was upthere because I have a little labrador now

  • so it's good to take him to places where he can run we got the mountains

  • it's important of course especially in grand prix week end we can get quite hectic

  • it's a lot great it's the most intense weekend of the year

  • anyway this is the old part of Monaco and now let's check out the new part of Monaco

  • It's the most demanding race in the year and what do I do, well...

  • I know it and I concentrate more on putting me in relaxation periods and i walk around with ears plugs for example

  • to reduce all the noise that's going on

  • I know all the short cuts

  • so when I don't want to go through too many people I know how to go directly where I need to go

  • of course I am not always do that because we are also here to give to fans good times and everything and they want to see us

  • it's the most legendary track it has been in the calendar for seventy years or more

  • and the track doesn't allow any mistakes

  • what do you think of sailing ?do you like sailing ?

  • I don't know sailing but it looks like very impressive, I was more into my motorboat

  • but should we give it a go ?

  • yes for sure i had all feel trip once with friends, with Vivian and another couple

  • it was spectacular because for my family my dad always says everything needs have an engine

  • so sail boat was not on but i really liked it

  • the passion to look for the speed with the wind and everything...

  • we'll have to do some work so Nico maybe you do a little riding for sails David maybe like to make driving

  • Push it the boat goes turn left Pull it the boats turn right

  • pretty slow or so very exciting

  • the winch is behind we go to the jib and jib too then we have some moving

  • fast as you can

  • it was interesting to get an inside into your world anyways

  • it's nice to see the discipline, the commitment especially that you need the especially within the sleeping part everything

  • when you need to sleep half an hour every two or three hours as you said unbelievable very impressive...

I have a very strong link to this place here and I think I will live here for many more years

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F1 2015 MONACO is my Home by NICO ROSBERG

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    Hao posted on 2016/03/12
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