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  • Welcome to Food Tube! We're The Happy Pear lads and we're all about getting you to eat

  • more veg! Now we're going to make for you the ultimate irish flag potato cakes that

  • are going to rock your world. So we're going to take basic veg that are available in any

  • shop and we're going to turn them into 3 completely different and super tasty potato cakes. This

  • is a pretty cool and novel way of taking a straight forward recipe and out of 1 recipe

  • we're getting 3 different looking different tasting potato cakes. This recipe will serve

  • 4 adults, you get at least 12 potato cakes and ideally you'll get 1 tri-colour flag per

  • person. These are easy to make and well worth trying. Okay let's her started, first step

  • let's peel our sweet potatoes. These are going to give the bright orange colour and a lovely

  • sweetness. So we've got 500 grams of sweet potato. Okay so now that it's peeled I'm just

  • going to chop them. So we have a kilo of potatoes, we're going to chop them up fine, leave the

  • skin on, the skin is the most fibrous part and the most nutritious part of the potato,

  • so if you can leave the skin on, if you don't like the skin, peel it off. Chop them into

  • bite sized pieces like I'm doing here and if you are tied for time just chop them a

  • little finer. So we're going to bring them to the boil, reduce them to simmer for about

  • 20 minutes until they're nice and soft and boiled through. Okay so potatoes are ready,

  • they've been boiling for about 25 minutes, here we go. Nice bit of warmth. So it's one

  • of the benefits of cooking outside is, you can drain your vegetables off in the bushes.

  • Okay so we're just going to split these potatoes, the regular potatoes up into 2 bowls. They're

  • pretty hot so make sure and use some sort of a weapon. Sweet potato we're just going

  • to pop into the 3rd bowl. Okay so I'm just going to give my pot a little clean out. Bingo,

  • she's ready to go. Okay I'm going to take 1 bowl of regular potatoes, now we're going

  • to make our pesto, super simple. I'm just going to add in all the ingredients I've got.

  • 200 mls of of oil. I'm using olive oil, use sunflower oil or some neautral kind of white

  • coloured oil. 3 cloves of garlic, I've peeled them. I've got 125 grams of cashew nuts, the

  • reason why we're using cashew nuts is because they give a lovely, creamy, delicious texture.

  • I've got juice from half a lime, half a teaspoon of salt, that's the bases of our pesto for

  • 1 batch of our potatoes and the batch of our sweet potatoes. Okay so here she is, she's

  • ready to go. So I'm going to spoon in 5 tablespoons of our delicious pesto. Okay, we're going

  • to add in a pinch of salt and we've got a pinch of black pepper. We're just going to

  • mash it all together into a beautiful consistent texture. We're just going to pop it back into

  • the bowl. Nice job Dave! Next step we're going to do is the sweet potato one, grab our sweet

  • potatoes, pop them back into the mashing bowl. We're going to add another 5 tablespoons into

  • the sweet potato, pinch of salt, in it goes. A little bit of black pepper. Nice job. Take

  • the masher and get stuck in. Okay I'm just going to go in and make it a little finer

  • with a fork. Okay so she's good to go. So there's our-the orange of our tri-colour.

  • Okay so we've given our pot a good rinse, just remove the sweet potato because we want

  • these spuds to be green the next batch. Pot down, ready to go. Okay we've got our last

  • third of regular spuds. Okay so we're going to take the remainder of our white pesto where

  • we're going to add in 2 handfuls of the spinach and we're just going to blend this right up.

  • Perfect, see how green she is beautiful bright vibrant, this is going to make the green tri-colour

  • part of our sweet potato. Nice and green, beautiful vibrant. So similar we've put in

  • about 5 tablespoons, looks great. We're going to add a pinch of salt, in it goes. A little

  • bit of black pepper. Just take him and put him back in the bowl. Okay so we're going

  • to use polenta flour here, we've laid it out on the board. The reason why we're using polenta

  • flour is one because it's gluten free and 2 because it's slightly got a more granular

  • texture to it. Once you do fry it, it crisps up more and adds a lovely crispy outta skin.

  • Normal flour will work fine but if you can get polenta it's worth seeking out. Okay so

  • we're going to take our white bread potato cake, we start with this, gonna roll it out.

  • Excuse my caveman likeness. Enter the potato cutter, so it's just a regular scone cutter,

  • anything that's kinda round. Okay here we go, we're just gonna go straight into it.

  • So the sweet potato will be slightly wetter so don't be afraid to add a little more polenta

  • to dry it out. Grab our green fella, so this is the real in honour of St. Patrick.

  • Get our pan, get it on a nice high heat, get a bit of oil, whatever you like, just put a

  • little bit on because we don't want these to stick. And we want that polenta just to

  • crisp up nicely and form a lovely outta crispy layer. Fry these for four minutes per side

  • until they're crispy and golden.

  • So these go great as a brunch alongside some nice beans,

  • a couple slices of toast, work fab as an easy lunch or dinner with some mixed leaves. So

  • look at these babies, they just look so cool. So that's pretty much it. They're ready to

  • go. But before we taste them now, do give us a shot, check us out we're the happy pear,

  • click on here to check out our channel, for more foodtube content just click here and

  • we also have an epic book so please do check that out. Here we go, this is it. Look at

  • that. Here we go, there she is, look tri-colour in a spoon. Mmm epic! That pesto is rocking,

  • these really are. St Patrick would would be extraordinarily proud. You get a really nice

  • distinctive flavour between all 3 layers. The polenta adds a lovely kind of bite to

  • the outer crust. Thanks for watching! Cheers! Take it easy.

Welcome to Food Tube! We're The Happy Pear lads and we're all about getting you to eat

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Irish Flag Potato Cakes | The Happy Pear

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