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Time to wake up
You know I've enjoyed our time so much together that
I'm going to keep a peice of you to remember
Well, looks like you’re gonna need a good chiropractor
Harley, are you ready yet? %&%^$%#%$
You've gotta be kidding me? All set pudding. Well it’s about time Harley.
Bangs a pa piu piu boom boom boom
Deadpool. What? We owned by Disney, it's fine. Ohh, tell us how to reverse the poisoning of the city
It's a split formula, I'm afraid you’re gonna need to go Harley for that
Oh, that sounds like fun, I’ll go get here. No, you watch after the Joker
and I'll get Harley. You get distracted too easily
Deadpool! What? I was paying attention, huh?
Watch him. Don't let him out of sight.
I don't get distracted that's a bunch of crap
Fine, I’ll be on babysitting duty.
Ahahah, come out come out, where ever you are
This fight is really close, I think I should vote, there's no way I'm gonna loose to you
what? Huh?
Oh, for everyone at home watching! hello!
I like to skip a rope in double touch
You know, shift gears and pop the clutch
Cause I'm a Harley girl
Oh shit. hahah well well well
looks like someone's lucks run out. I make my own luck.
jammed! what are the chances?
yeah I’m see. oh shocks. hm
this is awesome om nom nom
yeah make it away hahha get it get it
dammit crap, my team losing, gotta go save her, call you later.
Oh Domino, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo
Okay, pulse check, neck check,
tummy check, boobs check. She's alive! She's alive!
Oh no. This is your fault.
I'm gonna slice you!
I mean I'd love to take you out for dinner and show you my big...
Chimichanga? Get back here.
If you want have done some right you have do it yourself
Hey cutie
Time to die.
You wanna see a movie?
Yeah. What kind a movie?
A grindhouse movie
oh sweet, I love those kind a movies, cute grindhouse sequence
Daedpool and Harley Quinn star in
The Laughing Dead
Time for some funky fast sword play.
little Picaboo, thread the needle, win whammy
some mac and cheese, all this baby, in bed
Mmm. oh yeah, works every time
be gentle with me baby. I'll be gentle
I’m delicate like a flower. Just hold still
Oh god. Double penetration on the first date. Kinky
Merry Christmas you filthy animal!
and a happy new year! Whatever have the Macaulay Culkin anyway
Hey Deadpool
they’re gorgeous
Time for some clock fu. Really? Yeah.
cock slap
well that takes care of her.
You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight
just some tango lessons
I hope you sterilize this
My tattoo guy used the same needles, they’re really shiny.
Are you feeling tipsy? Cause you've been drugged deadpan
You look funny. You know dead poop
You look beat. How about truce?
Oh truce.
Common its all you got
oh the memories...
Even Robin put up more of a fight
Common I'm just getting long double chap!
I'm gonna need you just focus here if I'm the rhythm
Well, this is the final act
but don't worry, you're in good hands with Uncle Joker
I just friended you on facebook
this acid will disintegrate you at molecular level
I disagree
Hasta la vista, Dead meat
Lucky shot
ow ow ow ow. You shot me?
What you shoot me for? Your big ass had got away
plus it was good cover. let's go. Oh, real cute
She's a keeper guys. Oh wait up.
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JOKER & HARLEY QUINN vs DEADPOOL & DOMINO - Super Power Beat Down (Episode 16)

2059 Folder Collection
Ricky Yeh published on March 10, 2016
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