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It's quite challenging down there, and you'll probably find on a slope like that, you'll
be concentrating and trying and putting some effort in. But a common problem is, when the
slopes become a lot easier, people become lazy. Now if you're not challenged by the
slope, challenge yourself to ski perfectly. If you drop your arms and get quite complacent
about it, all you are doing is training yourself to ski that way. Don't just give up slightly
because the terrain is easier. Keep trying and strive for perfection.
So it's very easy as I come onto the flat, to stand up, drop the arms and start skiing
badly, keep the hands in front and don't get lazy.
So every time you do a bad turn with the hands down and not really trying you're training
yourself to ski like that and you've got to really replace that with a good positive position,
and even though the slope is quite easy, keep working those skis and train yourself to ski
well. Don't get lazy.
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Advanced Ski Lesson - Getting Lazy

379 Folder Collection
alex published on March 9, 2016
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