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  • - I love that sound is measured in pain.

  • - Yup, can hear that one.

  • - I can hear that one.

  • - I heard it. It was awful.

  • - I can definitely hear that.

  • - Yup, that's loud.

  • - It sounds like a mouse screaming and dying in your ear.

  • - Nope.

  • - Oh my God, it's like a dream of a sound.

  • I can still hear it.

  • - Did anybody get drunk through their ears yet?

  • That seems like a teenage thing to do.

  • - I can't hear that.

  • - I want to try it again.

  • - No, I couldn't hear it.

  • - Nope.

  • - That episode of 30 Rock where Jenna's like, "Oh, ow, I can hear it too 'cause I'm under 25," then they're like, "We're not playing the ringtone."

  • That's how I feel right now.

  • - It's creepy.

  • So there's a sound happening without me?

  • - I'm gonna close my eyes for this one.

  • I hear that too.

  • - [Offscreen] You can hear that?

  • - I could hear it.

  • It's like a very, very like low, low, low, not in terms of volume, but like a low frequency.

  • - Take that, mom.

  • I'll listen to Kanye all I want as loud as I want.

  • How many could you hear?

- I love that sound is measured in pain.

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A2 hear sound loud ringtone gonna close ow

The Ultimate Hearing Test

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