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We all get to the point
after a particularly stressful long day at work
where you just feel the urge
to break some stuff.
When you are boiling with anger sometimes the brain just shuts off and all you can do is punch a wall or kick a chair, break some plates, throw some beer to the ground, until the anger you feel is just drained from your body, and you're just left with a bunch of holes in the walls and shattered belongings
Unfortunately, in our society,
dealing with the very normal and numerous frustrations
or angers of everyday life
in such destructive and primal ways
is not at all accepted among civilized society.
But that all changes now with the opening of
so-called Rage or Anger Rooms in the U.S. and Canada.
This week's Thrive
is looking at perhaps the best way
to relieve all that stress and tension
you might be feeling after a long day,
when a gym session just won't cut it.
So stick around
and we'll walk you through
what exactly you can expect from the Rage Rooms,
how much it'll cost,
what it'll do for you,
and exactly what you'll get to smash!
Toronto, Canada is home to Battle Sport's first Rage Room
located in the suburb of North York
This place is
a veritable haven for the highly stressed and frustrated.
Whether it's because
your boss has been on your case,
or because your in-laws are in town
and don't ever appear to be leaving.
This place is the cure for all your ails.
The rage room is a safe environment where you're geared up in protective goggle and overalls to protect your clothing.
Pick up a bag
and start laying waste to all manners of breakable objects.
For only twenty dollars
you get thirty minutes of pure raging destruction time
in the Rage Room.
They have pretty damn great selection
of breakable items you can choose from,
Including plates, chairs, vases,
wine glasses, and other specialty items,
but don't worry if nothing on the menu
strikes your fancy.
You can always bring your own objects from home to smash up.
Seems like a very cathartic way
to get rid of that box of junk your ex has left lying around your place for months now,
Places like the Rage Room in Toronto
or other locations
such as the anger room in Arlington, Texas
offer a unique
and frankly much cheaper alternative
to relieving stress
than seeing a psychiatrist.
Of course you shouldn't be using these rooms
if you are dealing with significant issues,
but rather run-of-the-mill everyday stresses.
I think the biggest thing that attracts people
to the Rage Room is the
novel experience of being able to smash something,
where you've never been able to do that before,
Like, if you smash something in your house,
you gonna have to repair it,
or you know you lose your favorite mug.
Another reason is
sometimes people come in because
they've had like a really tough week.
You know their boss has been on them
and they just really need a place
to you know release some stress.
The most common thing that people would smash
is printers.
We have printers on stock for people to smash
and the printers keep going out of stock because
people keep grabbing them
and then they want to smash it because...
And also, printers are really good to smash
because they're not easy.
You can't just break it in one swing
you can give it multiple whacks.
And, you know, we get printers donated to us as well,
so it's a really great kind of ecosystem
of being able to bring people in
to smash printers and getting more printers.
Of course you don't have to be stressed out
or boiling with anger
to try out these Rage Rooms,
you can do it just for the fun!
You will probably be surprised at
what a work out demolition
can really be.
Even if you only do it for thirty minutes.
swinging a bat repeatedly
will give your upper body and core
quite the intense work out.
Whilst letting you have the time of your life sounds like a win-win in our books.
The rage and anger rooms are quite different,
one of the most cost effective
and unique alternatives for stress relief out there at the moment.
People have been using aggressive sports
such as boxing, kick boxing,
and other competitive sports
to help relieve stress for a long time.
These kind of sports often will help
leave participants feeling more in control of their emotions
and mellow out their anger.
This concept of stress relief
has ancient precedents.
The Greek philosopher Aristotle believed
in the idea of Catharsis
which essentially means
the purification or cleansing of emotions, usually fear and anger,
through extreme change and action,
which will leave people feeling renewed and restored.
And meanwhile,
it was the Austrian neurologist, Sigmund Freud
also known as the the father of psychoanalysis,
who long believed that
letting out negative emotions
would ultimately serve to reduce aggression and anger.
No matter what your age,
background, sex,
or fitness level
everyone gets stressed and angry,
from the challenges and pressures
of everyday life.
And the Rage Room is a great low cost way to manage and dispel those emotions.
So instead of sitting around
and stewing in anger,
head out to the Rage Room
and smash!
And as always, dont just live
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Ultimate Stress Relief In The Rage Room | Thrive

51700 Folder Collection
Coco Hsu published on November 21, 2017    Coco Hsu translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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