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  • How to pick a lock.

  • Only pick your own locks - or you could wind up in a lot of trouble.

  • Locked yourself out of the house? Most common pin and tumbler locks

  • can be picked with a little luck and finesseso before you call a locksmith, try this. You

  • will need A paperclip or safety pin A tension wrench (sometimes called a torque wrench)

  • and a second paperclip.

  • Step 1. Get a paperclip or safety pin and bend it straight. Now make a slight upwards

  • bend at the very end. You can buy a professional lock pick set at a hardware store. There is

  • a basic size intended for American locks. Step 2. Insert your wrench into the lower

  • part of the keyholethat is, the side opposite the one where the key’s teeth would go in.

  • Step 3. Figure out which way the lock needs to be turned to open by turning the wrench

  • clockwise and then counterclockwise. Youll feel which way has more give. Step 4. Turn

  • the lock the correct way with the wrench, putting slight pressure on it. Hold the wrench

  • in place. Step 5. While keeping pressure on the lock, insert the end of the paperclip

  • into the top part of the keyhole. Step 6. Feel around the keyhole with the paperclip

  • until you locate the pins. If youre picking a common door lock, there will most likely

  • be at least five of them in a row. Before you start, many experts suggestraking

  • the lock. Straighten your second paperclip, put a few bends at the wire’s end, andwith

  • no pressure on your wrenchshove it to the back of the lock. Now pull it out quickly,

  • pressing against the top of the lock while gently turning your wrench. You might just

  • set a pin or two that way. Step 7. Now for the actualpicking.” One at a time, push

  • each pin up with the paperclip. Try to feel for the moment when the pin reaches itsunlocked

  • position. You should feel a slight giveor even hear a faint click. Start with the pin

  • furthest away from youthen move on to the next. Step 8. As you go, apply slightly more

  • pressure with the wrench until you have all the pins lifted up. Step 9. Now turn the wrench

  • fully. Voila! The lock will pop open. Did you know Wooden locks were used as far back

  • as 4,000 years ago in ancient Egypt.

How to pick a lock.

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How to Pick a Lock

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