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I'm Richard Fong, feature editor for DSPORT magazine
and I'm test driving the 2015 Subaru WRX
today we're going to drive not only the new six-speed transmission
but we're also going to try out the new CVT automatic transmission
so we're in the 2015 WRX
equipped with the automatic CVT transmission
there has not been an automatic WRX since 2007
and they only offer it in a sedan form at this point, in the meantime
the CVT it's surprising. The transmission is a
more responsive than you would imagine, the paddle shifters
they're very crisp and with the various modes of SI drive you can
totally tell S mode is more responsive obviously then
the I mode which is the most economical and the most efficiency
focused drive mode and then the S #(sharp) mode offers
the quickest and most responsive shifting of the three modes
it also offers a basically a virtual
eight-speed transmission, and i say virtual because
with the CVT there really isn't a defined gear
as in a traditional manual transmission whereas this one here
it actually can create shorter ratios on the fly
the new FA20 engine with direct injection
and Garrett Turbocharger is all new for this car
it's even a little bit different than what comes with the BRZ
this one's a hundred percent direct injection
and Subaru states that it puts out 268
horsepower compared to the previously rated each EJ 255 engine that came with
the last WRX. those are rated at 255 horsepower
yet those are two and a half liters and this one's only a 2 liter
86 by 86
bore and stroke dimension. The turbocharger is located
just below the crankshaft so they really kept down and low
much better compared to the position on the turbocharger on the EJ
which is located up by the firewall the chassis on the whole
impressive. Subaru stiffened it up by adjusting the
control arms in the front. The lower control arms are now aluminum
they've also improved the rear suspension of the chassis
the SI Drive controls work together with the suspension design
to provide a driving experience that doesn't roll
nearly as much as one would expect from a factory ride height
sedan, on 17-inch wheels still which the bolt pattern is now
5x114 so that opens up more wheel options available on the market.
Now we're in the six speed WRX
and I'm glad we tested this one second because it helps you remember
the advantages to a true manual transmission
it applies the power much much more aggressively
And it definitely pulls a little bit harder than it did on the CVT
and the clutch is easy to modulate the shifter it is a little notchy
If you take it on the track, you might find it a little frustrating
as aggressive acceleration
a quick shift into the next gear, the clutch hesitates to engage
with the release of the pedal so that is one thing you might notice
wouldn't hurt to be
upgraded in the future
The FA20 accelerates phenomenally off of the line
for what it is, its a 3300 pound car. it's about 60 pounds heavier
in the way of chassis stiffening and various other adjustments in the suspension
it's well worth it so much so much better than the previous model
you know you could always find a little room for refinement
but you get it you can drive this about every day
and have a blast with it. whether you're going to the track
whether you're going to work, traffic
in the mountains
to go skiing
it's a
very confident vehicle
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First Drive: 2015 Subaru WRX | DSPORT Magazine

1406 Folder Collection
曾宥穎 published on March 4, 2016    Bruce Wang translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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