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  • Here's a question for you Caitlin. - Yes.

  • Do women or men place more emphasis on physical attractiveness when selecting mates?

  • That's a stupid question.

  • I think probably girls are more attracted to good looks.

  • I, like, strongly disagree with that. - Yeah?

  • I feel like I know tons of guys who, like, will just like, when they describe their dream girl, it's just looks.

  • Because there's a lot of beautiful women out there with ugly dudes.

  • But do these men not have money?

  • Like we should also like think about that.

  • I've definitely dated girls who were like, I had nothing in common with them but they were just so attractive that I couldn't...

  • You're really tooting your own horn.

  • I've always heard that girls are like... sometimes they'll date guys and they're like, "oh, I can change him."

  • There's just more categories for a woman to feel like somebody is a complete partner.

  • So which you're saying is that you have this perfect picture in your mind of who the perfect person would be for you.

  • No, but that is scary.

  • [And the answer is... both (in different ways)]

  • Well, this is a sad fact of biology. - Wait, what?

  • Well, female brains are wired to be attracted to different traits during different times of their monthly cycle.

  • Oh no, that doesn't sound good.

  • So when women are more fertile, they're more likely to be attracted to guys with more masculine features.

  • And when they're less fertile, they're more attracted to guys with... - Scientists.

  • Less masculine features.

  • Oh man, so that's why you date jerks.

  • I don't date jerks.

  • Oh, this just got personal, whoa.

  • I didn't say that.

  • You don't date jerks?

  • Oh my god.

  • So, a cross-cultural study showed that regardless of body weight, guys prefer girls that have a 0.7 waist to hip ratio.

  • What does that even mean?

  • If your hips are one, your waist is 0.7.

  • The reason that's true is women that have that ratio can have more babies.

  • Hips don't lie.

  • Yeah, yeah you know what else doesn't lie though?

  • What?

  • Ferrari.

  • So a 2011 study, showed that women were more likely to choose guys who flaunted their luxury items as their short-term partners.

  • So you might want wear a nice watch in your profile guys.


  • No, no!

  • It makes sense.

  • What does it mean?

  • I don't know, I don't know what I have.

  • This is what I'll say like...

  • Guys, I always look their shoes first, not to see how expensive they are but to make sure they're not like gross.

  • She, see? She is... - Like you have to have nice shoes.

  • So, they want the hourglass?

  • It's not our fault, it's biology.

  • That's bullsh-

  • Liars.

  • We're both just animals. - Just aminals.


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Do Men Or Women Care More About Looks?

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    Pedroli Li posted on 2021/08/16
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