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hi I'm Ben or otherwise known as the adventurous crazy energetic one
and there's only 55 seconds left to tell you why
I love discovering new places
last year drove all around Africa I crossed as its climb mountains run
marathons bungee jump mountain bike scuba dive
and snorkel everywhere because practiced help
as to try anything have outrunning all stretch
what can I say animals love me and I love them too
especially if they're at 1k maybe not that rare on a great communicator
love meeting people and immersing myself in other cultures favorite newspaper and
magazine articles
given TV and radio interviews and get the journal video blog on my website to
share my experiences with others
and I'd love to do the same for you we can learn about a hundred miles a magic
Great Barrier Reef together
know the Queensland has to offer my experience TransCanada
charity fundraiser add to a guide a Bachelor of Science degree
a keen interest in photography so I'm you mad if it's the best job in the
world know about the best place in the world
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Island Reef Job Ben Southall

894 Folder Collection
Jone published on March 3, 2016
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