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Willkommen to the English teacher.
I am David
If you're an adult you can really improve your English
by going out to bars and pubs
where native English speakers come together.
You'll immerse yourself in a native English environment.
Then you sit at the bar and you start chatting with them.
They'll speak fast sure but that's great!
The more you listen the better you'll understand them.
It's a matter of practice.
On the other hand,
it's also a good idea to get used to accents of non-native English speakers
So go out and have fun!
Go for example to German Bierfest in Hong Kong.
It's organised yearly
from mid-October to early November.
And it's a whole lot of fun!
And remember:
You learn English faster
if you don't fret so much about making mistakes.
Try that!
Tell me what you think in the comments below
and see in the next video.
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如何更快地學習英語 Tip#7 - 與外國人交際

684 Folder Collection
孟臻 published on March 1, 2016
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